Sunday, March 20, 2011

Canyonlands Half- a crappy race recap...

I'm not a fan Canyonlands... NOT a fan.
 I really wanted to do this half marathon.
I read about how wonderful it was.
Beautiful and well planned.

It was beautiful and pretty much well planned.
That's about it for me.

I picked up my race packet and bib number 
with no problems...
That's me up there.

We then headed to our hole in the wall hotel
that cost WAY more than it was worth.
We had dinner at Miguel's, which was good. 
Then I tried to sleep.

The race started at 10am
Yes, 10 am
Who ever heard of a race starting at 10am?
Especially not a race of that distance.
You should be DONE with a half by that time.

I had to board the bus between 7:30 and 8:15am.
So, basically you sit at the starting line for nearly 2 hours
BEFORE the race even starts.
In a cold, windy canyon.
Even better- the starting line was a mile up the road
from where the buses dropped us off (where all the port-a-potties were).

But the show must go on.
I went, I waited, I raced.
The race itself sucked for me.
I felt blah, awful, why did I do this... pretty much the whole time.
I don't know if it was the 20 mph wind gusts...
or the being sick for a couple of weeks before the race.
The crappy rolling hills.
Whatever- my body didn't feel happy.
Maybe it was just me.

I felt like I was going at slug pace for the last couple of miles.
However, I beat my previous half marathon PR.
(ok, I have only done one other half marathon) 
So, maybe my body was just numb.

Final chip time:

Yes, I pretend sprinted at the end.
Good thing- so I could make it under 1:50
by ONE little second.
I'll take it.
Gun time was over 1:50.  Just ignore that time ;).
I seriously don't know how I got that time.
The course was not my friend.

So, here I am right after crossing the finish line...
 Looking super crazy awesome.  Not so much.
Notice what I do NOT have?
Yep- no finisher's medal.
Okay.  I knew going into this that Canyonlands
does NOT do finisher's medals.
Still- after a crappy race, a medal can make it better.

Luckily, I had these cute little people...
 waiting for me at the finish line.
 They make me feel better.

The post-race food was pretty good.
Your typical stuff.

Then we got to wait around for a couple of hours before
we could check BACK into the hotel.
I decided a little last minute that we should stay 2 nights.  That way I wouldn't have to drive in the car for 4 hours all covered in sweat. 
BUT- since I didn't book the rooms at the same time- Mark had to check out of that room at 11am and check into another room later... at normal check-in time.
So, I just ended up sitting around all sweaty ANYWAY.
Good planning :).
The kids got to have some fun while we waited, though...
 So, see ya around Canyonlands!
At least now I know...
and I won't be back.

I've decided that I really need a watch for running-
especially for races.
I think I go out too fast without realizing it...
then die 2/3 of the way in.

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  1. I love this blog. It is cool to see how far you have come!