Saturday, April 30, 2011

NOT a 5k runner...

20 days to go!

Miles Scheduled:

Miles Ran:

I ran my first 5k this morning.
Yes, I bypassed the 5k and 10k
and went straight for the half marathon as my first race.
I've done 2 10k's since then.
But never a 5k- until today.

Now I know that I don't like them too much.
It was fine- my approximate time was 22:40.
(It was a free, non-chip timed fun run- awesome shirt, though!)

I don't like feeling like I need to run fast!
Too much pressure.
I'm definitely a longer distance sort of girl.
I'm not sad that I did it.
Now I know that the 5k distance isn't my thing.

It made the rest of my 16 feel harder than it should have, too.
I made it to the trail to finish up my miles (3.1 mile race + 13 miles).
I almost just went home.
My right knee has been giving me troubles
and the last thing I want is for it to get bad before the marathon.
I went and did it anyway- the knee felt pretty good...
until I was done :).
Now it thinks me walking around is a bad idea.
I am agreeing.
I see lots of icing in my future.

Total Miles for the Week:


Lisa said...

I think you are super speedy, and good job for doing your thirteen afterward, I can GUARANTEE that I would not have been able to make myself. You's tough.