Thursday, April 28, 2011

The day where I prove my lameness...

22 days to go!

Miles Scheduled:

Miles Ran:
Big Fat Zero

yeah, I was supposed to do 7.
I have now switched that to Saturday :).
So I only missed a 5 miler instead of a 7 miler.
Today got away from me.
It kinda sucked, actually.
I got a lot done- but not the running.

Dominic's Cub Scout Space Derby went WAY long.
We didn't get home until close to 9pm.
I was just done- couldn't get myself to do it.
That and the wind was crazy.

Even more awesome- the forecast tomorrow calls for
rain/snow ALL DAY.
Looks like a wet 16 miler for me.
I have that 5k on Saturday or I would just do it then.

I am ready for today to be over.
Tomorrow is not gonna be much better, though.

At least I WON!
Ok, Dominic won- 
No, he didn't win any races.
He did win the "Cub's Choice" award.
All of the Cub Scouts voted for the design they
liked the best and we won THAT award :).
I'm totally taking credit for it
because- well... take a guess ;).


Lisa said...

You didn't prove your lameness, you proved your awesome Mom-ness, not to mention some pretty fly rocket designing skillz.
And No, I don't remember having science projects in the second grade, has the world gone mad!?