Sunday, May 22, 2011

126 days and two quads later...

Here I am.
Officially a marathon runner.
By that I mean one marathon. 

I am no longer able to use my quad muscles
but at least I have this:

This was quite the learning experience.
I now know that my dream marathon time will NOT
be possible for a while.
I tried to start at a reasonable pace but I did NOT stick with my
pace band times very well at all.

Yeah- my time at 13.1 was about 1:45-1:46.
So I would have beaten my half PR by like 4 minutes.
The last half was WAY slower.
I had to walk TOO much the last 7 miles.
My quads were just dead by the time all the downhill came along.
That and I had to make an emergency bathroom stop at mile 18.
There went another 2+ minutes.

I had the "I can't finish" feeling at about mile 21.
Then the downhill stopped at mile 22 or so
and went onto a trail.
I felt better then.

Mark and the kids came up to see me finish...
then somehow managed to miss me as I ran by them ;).
I decided at the last minute to wear a different shirt.
With 5 kids to keep track of and looking for a wife
wearing a white tank top, not a black shirt... he missed me.
So no pictures of the big, slow finish-
which is probably good.

I finally found them- 
after I got my phone from my drop bag.
Lookin' good, I know.
Notice all my kids playing with ANTS behind me.
We are classy.

I am so glad that I did this.
Even though my body mildly hates me right now
I feel so proud of myself.
I'm not afraid to say that :).
I finished something hard that took months to train for.
I get a little emotional when I think to myself
"I ran a marathon".

I know I can do better, too.
Which I will get to test out in 3 weeks :).
I don't mean a better finishing time.
I am very happy with my time.
I just think I can pace myself better so that I don't die at the end.
I am more aware of what I can (and can't) do.

Also, the Ogden Marathon was wonderful.
It wasn't as downhill as I expected for the first 16 miles...
but the aid stations were fabulous and it was so well organized.
I will run it again.

This is a crazy long post
so I may as well finish it off with the pictures from the Kids K.

Dominic and Hali got t-shirts, bibs and everything
to run this kids race.
Hali wanted either Mark or I to run it with them.

See how excited I am to run another race
an hour after finishing a marathon?
Looking good.
Still wearing my medal- like the cool kids do.

Better than this VERY candid picture Mark took...
Pretty sure I'm yelling at one of my kids.
I think the guy behind me was posing, though.
At least someone was aware a photo was being taken.

So, yeah- right as the kids race is about to start
my "stomach" starting getting very angry with me.
The race started and I quickly pulled Mark off the sidelines
and made him run with the kids while I sat on the curb
with our other children who weren't running.

He loved it, of course ;)
Nothing like an impromptu run in jeans.
They did it!
Yes, Mark and I ARE wearing matching shirts.
Again, just like the cool kids.
Later Dominic said:
"That race made me really strong.  I hope I never have to do that again."

They got a fun cowbell thing for finishing...
Seriously- the kids got a finishers medal sort of thing.
Their entry fee was $10.
I didn't even get a medal after the Canyonlands Half
and my entry fee was WAY more than that.
Yes, I am still bitter.

I so appreciate Mark and the kids coming up there.
Also very thankful for them putting up with the
months and months of training.
Mom taking off for a run at random times.
They have all been so supportive and I just love them. 

Countdown again... 19 days until the Utah Valley Marathon! 


Lisa said...

You totally did it, you are a marathon runner! That is so cool!
You're such a nice mom for even CONSIDERING running the kids K after your own race- mother of the year, in my book (it's a good book, you should totally read it).
I can't believe you're running another one in three weeks! You're amazing, (I know, I've only said that about 1,498 times in the last few weeks, but I can't help it, you ARE!) and I hope you get to relax today:)

Grandma's Cookie Jar said...

Awesome job Jerilee! Be proud of yoruself! Well done! That is what life is about, learning experiences, we are constantly learning and improving! I'm so proud of you! ♥

Joo Lin said...

A-MAZ-ING! You are so great! And how did you even consider running again after running a marathon?? Good job!