Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Come on, body- don't fail me now...


Woke up this morning with a fun/terrible sinus infection
complete with headache and crazy pressure
pushing out my eyeballs and eardrums.
That and a slightly sore throat.

(yes, that's my favorite word)

Kinda want to cry and say some really bad words
all at the same time.
Wait- maybe that already happened.
My brain isn't working.

At least it's not the DAY before the marathon.
Pray that this goes away
COMPLETELY in the next 2 days.

I am running this marathon no matter what.
5+ months of training.
I'm getting that medal, dang it.
Even if I do it with no face.
Cuz right now I feel as though it's going to explode off of my head.

Yes, I AM a big crybaby whiner.
Why do you ask?


Sell...Party Of 4 said...

That is the last thing you need, I am sorry friend. What can I do for you?

Lisa said...

That's not so good.
I said a little prayer for you, and I'll keep it up.
My mom has totally trained me to say, you should ask Mark to give you a blessing.
She would be so proud of me for that one.
I'm sorry you're not feeling good, I don't think you're a big crybaby whiner, I think it's perfectly reasonable to be upset.
But I'm thinking you're going to be feeling so much better in a day or two.
I'm thinking positive thoughts for you!
I'm the most helpful thing ever.