Saturday, May 28, 2011

Dead leg...

yeah, my legs haven't quite recovered.
They are sad at me now.

Miles scheduled:

Miles ran:

I ran from my house to the South Jordan Fire Station
(in a random, weaving route)
where we were to pick up our Bountiful Basket.
 I met Mark and the kids there.
They did not run- they drove.
I got there first, therefore I WIN.
The fact that I left well over an hour before them
is neither here or nor there.

I believe a change in my running schedule is in order.
I don't want dead legs for this next marathon.

For the more fun part of the day
we went and saw this:



Lisa said...

Yay for winning, it's fun to win!
I can't believe your next marathon is only, what? 13 days away? You've got the crazy legs, sister! I wish I had the crazy legs, instead I've got the lazy legs- Ba dum ch!

Jessica said...

I totally should have went with you. I ran that same day and I ran past that location on up the hill through daybreak to get mine from Early Light, Kelley picked me up =)