Sunday, May 29, 2011

Deja Vu...

I feel like I've already been here...
less than 2 weeks until the marathon. 
12 days until the Utah Valley Marathon.
2nd week of 'between marathons' training.
I don't expect that I will do this again...
2 marathons in 3 weeks.
You never can tell, though.

My calves hurt a little from the new shoes
which is to be expected-
but other than that, I like them.
They are more 'minimalist' than my other shoes
So my calves are going to have to toughen up!
Definitely not actual minimalist running shoes, but closer.

Happy Memorial Day!

Week 2:
Mon: 3-6 miles
Tues: 3-4 miles
Thurs: 3-4 miles
Sat: 6-8 miles

I like the mile ranges better than one set amount.
It's not good for me, though.
I will stop at the smaller number more often than not!

and because I like pictures- here's a random one
that has nothing to do with anything.
Mark's birthday cake from 3 weeks ago!
 Perfect for that husband.


Cari Mugz said...

Did you make that cake??? Very Cool! Love your blog.

Lisa said...

That cake is pretty cool, did it give you blackmouth from eating it?
You should check to see if your racing schedule qualifies you for any level of marathon maniac, I can't believe some of their level qualifiers- actually, I can't really believe ANY of them, maniac is spot on the right word:)

Jerilee E. said...

The cake was made by Jill at I only wish I could make such cute cakes :).