Thursday, May 19, 2011

Front butt...

I'm pretty sure someone is telling me not to run this week.
(I did run that 6.2 miles on Monday)
I set my alarm this morning.
All ready to get up and run 2 or 3 miles.
Woke up to the sound of rain beating on the windows.
Alas, I stayed in bed.

Instead of running, I am planning planning.
What to bring to the marathon and such.
I am heading up with a friend (and other people I don't know- fun!)
to Ogden tomorrow (Friday) early afternoon
and staying overnight at a hotel.
So, plan I must.

I know that they will have gels out on the course.
I don't want to rely on those, though.
I want to have gel with me for when I need it.

I've been working on how I am going to carry them with me.

This is the method I have settled on- I think...
They are safety pinned to the top outside of my shorts
upside down.
Yes, 5 Gu's.  I almost did 6... ok 7.

Resulting in this:
Mark very nicely told me that it looked
like I had "front butt" 
when I tried the shorts on.
So loving- I am one lucky lady ;)

I am wearing my Under Armour shorts under these
so chafing/rubbing shouldn't be an issue.

Here is the outfit I have settled on:
 I have been having trouble with my regular short sleeved
shirts rubbing under my arms during long runs.
So I opted for the tank top.
I'd rather be a little cold at first
than too warm and all underarm chafed at the end.
I am looking at this marathon as a
trial and error experience.
I am reasonably sure what clothes will be
most comfortable and what foods will sit well in my stomach.
The rest... who knows.

As of right now
I am excited for this!
I feel ready and confident.
The nerves are down and I just want to get 'er done.


Lisa said...

I'm so excited for you, I can't believe it's the day after tomorrow! Your outfit looks great, I like how you're carrying your gels, even if it does give you a front butt;)
Not that you need it, but Good Luck!!!!
I'll be thinking about you ALL DAY on Saturday!!!