Saturday, May 14, 2011

I run more... or less...

6 days to go!

Miles Scheduled: 

Miles Ran:

Yep- one week from now I will be DONE
with the Ogden Marathon.
Either that or I will be lying down somewhere along the course.
Waiting for someone to find me
and take me to my home.

I feel a little less confident after my run today.
It felt a little too hard.
Not "I can't do this!" hard.
Just harder than I would have liked.
Plus there weren't any bathrooms on the route I chose.
I figured I wouldn't need one for 10 miles.
I was not correct.
Too bad, so sad for me.
I had to deal with it.

Um- also... it was in the 60's
when I started running this morning...
at 6:30am.
I guess summer is coming along soon.

Also also- the weather for the marathon is showing RAIN.
Not crazy amounts.
But still.