Tuesday, May 10, 2011

It's what day??

It's Tuesday night.
I haven't ran since Saturday!
I'm not running tonight either.

I started to feel sick yesterday-
sinus infection/cold sort of stuff.
Today it felt a little worse.
That mixed with the rain
makes me lazy.

I just really REALLY don't want to get super sick
RIGHT before the big ol' marathon.
So I will only be running 4 days this week.

My great plan is to get up tomorrow morning
at 4:15am
to run before Mark goes to work.
run after Mark gets home from work.
I just re-checked the weather for 4am and it says
40% chance of rain.
Also- it's 10pm and I am not close to sleeping.
I don't see 4:15am happening.
I have a very hard time getting myself out
to run in the afternoon after Mark gets home.
I will have to REALLY force myself to do it.

So, to wrap it all up-
I feel super lazy and out of it.
Must run.


Lisa said...

I'm sorry you're not feeling so good:(
Obviously nobody ever likes getting sick, but I've never been so AFRAID of getting sick or injured before I had signed up for races and don't want to miss out.
I think you were smart to rest for a couple of days, and I really appreciated you commanding me to be lazy those days that I didn't feel well - I was only TOO willing to take that advice:)
Speaking of taking your advice, Spirit of the Marathon is now at the top of my Netflix queue, I'm excited to watch it!
Good luck with your run tomorrow, I bet it will feel really good!