Monday, May 9, 2011

Lucky or no?

I never win anything!
until NOW.
Guess who got selected in the St. George marathon lottery?
That's right, this girl. 

I'm happy.
It just adds to my nerves-
but who doesn't need that?
One more thing to be really excited/anxious/nauseous about!

Good think I booked that crappy hotel room a couple months ago.

Watching this video makes it cooler:


Sell...Party Of 4 said...

Congrats. That is a big deal. Can't wait to hear all about your race times!

Lisa said...

What is wrong with me? That video made me get so weepy!
I'm so excited for you, not just about getting into St. George, which is AWESOME by the way, but that your first MARATHON is coming up so soon. No matter what happens, it's an incredible thing!

Handsfullmom said...

I just got into the St. George Marathon, too, and I'm scared to death. So of course, I searched for blogs of other Utah runners who got in (I'm in Provo) hoping that someone else would be doing it for their first time. Good luck to you on the 21st! Seeing that you've figured this out in just a year gives me some hope -- I've been running off and on for two (with a little interruption called #8 involved).