Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Run like the wind...

I'm questioning my decision to have actual post titles.
I am not creative so I end up with something dumb.
Today's title is a great example.

I did have to run fast today.
Due to poor planning on my part.
Miles planned:
Miles ran:

You bet I am including that .12 in the total.

I didn't get up as early as I should have...
considering the husband thinks he has to go to work.
Psssh.  Whatever.
He caught a ride with a guy from work today, 
so I HAD to be back before 6:30 am.
I didn't start running until after 6.
I am a slow get ready-er when I'm tired, ok?

The last mile was kinda uphill and may have almost killed me.
But it was fast!
Fast for me.

Did I mention that I like my new shoes?
Cuz I do.
A lot.

Also, I've had a killer headache for the past 16 hours.
Ibuprofen isn't really touching it.
I may have to Google migraine.
Maybe lobotomy.


Lisa said...

It takes me FOREVER to get ready and running! I'm so impressed with you for hitting your miles so speedily, no matter how late I get started, speed doesn't seem to be an option for me. Oh well.
Oh and my skirt is just a Champion number from Target, I am incredibly fancy you know:)

ATTrio said...

I feel ya! I have a hard time peeling myself out of bed sometimes too. Oh and I am right there with you about post titles. I never know what to call them!