Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Single digits...

9 days to go!

Miles Scheduled: 

Miles Ran:

So, I had to get up at 4am to use the restroom.
I then laid in bed for 15 minutes
trying to convince myself that I was falling asleep again.
I stopped kidding myself and just ran.
It felt nice.
I was home by 5:30am
wondering what to do now...
but at least I got my run for the day DONE.
the weather is starting to look a LITTLE better.
Except for the random thunder showers 
we are supposed to see later today.

AND (again)
for goodness sakes
only 9 days until the Ogden marathon.
I think Spirit of the Marathon may need to be on
my "to watch" list in the next couple of days (too) :).


Lisa said...

Good job on getting your run done so early! I got such a bad night of sleep last night that I really wanted to just sleep until ten after Jordan got home, but I read your post and thought "If Jerilee can drag herself out of bed and running in the 4 AM hour, then I can get out of bed at 7:45" Embarrassing that I would even need to have this conversation with myself, but true- okay, it was more like 8:00.
As always, you inspire me.
Also, did you get that mace yet? Were you kidding about running with a paring knife that time? Because seriously, I worry about you all alone in the dark:)