Thursday, May 5, 2011

Tempo helps and not so much...

15 days to go!

Miles Scheduled: 

Miles Ran:

I was a little sad that my dog friend wasn't with me this morning.
Still, it was a pretty good run.
After the first mile I decided to try a tempo run.
Meaning running the same speed I would
like to run in my upcoming marathon.

My 6 miles was on a very hilly route-
but I did it!
Faster that my hopeful marathon pace/min.
Average min/mile- 8:08.

It made me feel tired.
Not sure if I can maintain that for 26 miles.

Really, though- it got easier after the first 3 miles.
I definitely need those first miles to warm up.
I would be ecstatic if I could maintain
an average 8:20 pace for the marathon.
That would meet my ultimate goal...
for any marathon.
That's not my goal for my first one, though.

My main goal is to finish without feeling like I died
somewhere out on the course.
To run over the finish line-
not crawl.

But I dream...