Thursday, May 26, 2011

This is a what? A running blog?

I suppose that means I should be running.
Perhaps I will run.
I will run.
Tomorrow for sure :).
Maybe today- I should run today.
Right?  I should.
Here's my running schedule/plan for this between marathon time.
(Mainly for my reference- although I DO expect anyone who reads this to have my running schedule memorized!  Ok, no.) 

Week 1:
Thurs (Today)- 2 miles- maybe
Fri-  3-6 miles
Sat- 8-10 miles 

Week 2:
Mon- 6
Tues- 4
Thurs- 4
Sat- 8

Week 3:
Mon- 3
Tues- 3
Thurs- 2
Sat- 26.2

I feel strangely excited to do this next marathon.
I am aware how much the last 6-7 miles could suck.
I am determined to make them suck at least a little less.


Lisa said...

When you lay it out like that, it shows how crazy close your next race really is! You are such the toughie!