Saturday, June 4, 2011

Catching flies...

First off...
a big Woohoo Yay!!!
to my super fantastic SIL Lisa 
for finishing her first marathon today!
You are the wind beneath my wings.
As well as the reason I will be going Goofy... in just 7 months- AHHH.

I woke up at 5:30 on a Saturday.
Hardcore, super runner or crazy, freak runner?
Considering that I passed 2 other runners the whole time I was out-
I may have to lean towards the latter.

We had a family gathering an hour away
so the early rising was necessary.


Miles planned:
Miles ran:

I don't think it's advised to run more than you're scheduled too.
I felt pretty good, though- so I did it anyway.

I do have that marathon next Saturday.
No big deal.
This 2 marathons in 3 weeks things is tricky for me.
I can't figure out how much I should- or shouldn't- be running.

What's done is done.

Now who wants to see pictures of a lady
looking like a large-mouth bass trying to catch flies...
while running a marathon??

Everyone say "me, me!"

Here we go- 
me at the Ogden Marathon:
This one proves that I did finish
even though my family somehow missed it.
My chip time WAS faster than the clock time.
I know anyone who has done a race before KNOWS that.
I just had to throw it out there ;).

I look like I'm either dying or about to maybe explode something.
Not sure what is really going on- just know it isn't looking good.

...Ah, the finish line- so close.
I think I can see my quads crying in this picture.

...On the parkway trail-
when we started passing a whole bunch of
half marathon walkers.

...Apparently I managed to fall asleep for a little while.
I don't remember that- but I wouldn't, would I?
I was asleep, after all.
ALSO- that guy in orange is in half of my pictures.
He would run really fast for a while, then walk for a while.
I'm pretty sure he was using me as a pace marker.
He would start running again each time I passed him.
It was great.

Proud finisher!
Huge cheese ball- that's me.

I somehow managed to get the one defective medal in the bunch.
The medal itself wasn't attached to the ribbon.
As soon as I took of the cellophane stuff, the medal fell to the ground.
Luckily I found a nice volunteer who procured me
a non-defective one.


Lisa said...

You look so good in your pictures! And while I am happy for you that you do, it also gives me slightly grumpish feelings. Like if I were a petty type of person, it might even make me kind of mad at you- luckily, I am way mature, and can realize that the person I should be mad at is my face, so we can still be friends:) Not me and my face though.
I can't believe the countdown to your next race starts with a five, you are one awesome lady!!!