Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Holey toenails...

This post is a little gross- be warned.
No disgusting pictures, though.
Except my toes.  That's bad enough.

So, remember how I said that the shoes I wore
for the marathon were a tiny bit too small?
They were.
They were actually my size, but I should have gone a half size bigger.
I knew this might be the case, yet still wore them.
Yes, I am a beginner- can you tell?
I keep learning :)

Around mile 18 my toenails started hurting.
Not unbearable- but somewhat painful.
I knew that those nails on my big toes weren't gonna survive.
Two days later, still VERY painful.
They were all puffy, super swollen and throbbing.

I did some Googling on the subject....

AND yesterday I burned/poked holes in my toenails.
Oh yes, I did.
I'm sorry for the gross foot picture.
I hate feet.
Still- see that hole there?
It was really awesome.
A bunch of blood, etc came out.
All day.

It didn't hurt and they feel SO much better today.
Now they are all triple antibiotic-ed, anti-fungal-ed and bandaged.
Just waiting for the day that my nails depart.

Really excited about having no toenails :P.


Sell...Party Of 4 said...

So the question is, because I am not a runner, do this happen alot?

Do you always lose a toe nail after running that long of a distance?

Weird that you should post this, because after all the walking in Disneyland my big toes hurt so bad...but just on the nail. I was trying to explain it to Paul...but he didn't understand. Does this mean I should poke a hole and see if it falls off?

Jerilee E. said...

It usually happens on long runs if the shoes don't have enough room in the front (toe box). I guess some people lose toenails a lot- this will be my first time :).

They don't recommend the 'hole in the toenail' thing unless there is blood pooled underneath the toenail and the pressure is very painful for a couple of days and doesn't get better. A doctor can do it (this may be the suggested way!)- but I am cheap.

Lisa said...

I'm sorry for your toenail pain, and impending loss! When I first started upping my mileage, and before I bought new shoes, there was a lot of hurty toes going on, but my nail is finally (slowly) making it's triumphant return, yay!
Good job with the nail polish though, your toes don't even look remotely gross!

Jen said...

I've been there. My first marathon I lost 4 toenails. You were so brave to do that whole hole in the nail thing. I'm such a wuss.

Tricia said...

ugh. been there