Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Marathon sickness...

I am experimenting with color on this post.  Bear with me. 

I think I have psychological problems.
Okay, that's been obvious for a while ;). 

A new psychological problem.
I believe I am somehow making myself feel sick
less than a week before a marathon.

I woke up with an itchy, sore throat and headache.

I still ran.  At 5 in the morning.

Miles planned:
Miles ran:

Then I came home-
changed into warm clothes (the chills came for a visit)
and went back to bed for a couple of hours.
(luckily my kids are off track!  love that)

Now I am sitting on my bed watching The Sword in the Stone.
None of my kids are even watching it with me.

Feeling sick sucks- but sitting on my bed doing nothing doesn't.
Except all I can think about are the dishes I need to do...
and that I really don't want to be sick for a marathon :).
I don't love being a whiner.
I'm strangely good at it, though.

On a less giant baby note,
I made a crap load of strawberry freezer jam yesterday.
I shouldn't use the word "crap" in the same sentence with food.
We are set in the jam department for a bit.
Sometimes I pretend to be domestic... ish.


Lisa said...

Mmmmmmm, your jam looks yummy, and now I want some... ooh, on homemade bread. Bread that I don't have to make, of course.
I'm sorry you're not feeling good again, I will be sending positive vibes your way, it worked so well the last time!

Jen said...

Love freezer jam! I ran Ogden too! And am getting ready for Utah Valley as well! And I have 4 kids. We have a few things in common! Maybe I'll get to see you there!
Great job on the marathon, you should be really proud.

Sell...Party Of 4 said...

Can you teach me how to make freezer jam? I remember my grandma making it, and I love it! BUT I don't cook...so if it's hard...never mind!