Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Minty fresh...

Today was the first day since the marathon
that I actually felt like running.
It always seems to take me a few days to get back into it.

BUT- I didn't get up and go.
My toenails are still a little sore and tender-
enough that I'm sure it will hurt to run.

Tomorrow!  It will happen.

Moving on!

So- I failed to mention my marathon saving grace.
What I believe it to be, at least.  

 I went down to this marathon with a friend- Kristin.
On the way down, she mentioned that a friend of hers
sucks on Lifesavers during marathons/long runs.

Well, I usually chew gum and recently started with tic tacs.
I have bitten my tongue right a the beginning of all
but ONE race because of the gum chewing.
I have chewing problems.
So I have sworn off the gum.
Tic tacs are just gone too quickly.

We went to Smith's the night before the race
and I decided to give the Lifesavers a try.

Holy cow, the best decision EVER.
I stuck them in a sandwich bag and pinned it
inside of my shorts- on the side.

Anytime I wasn't drinking at an aid station
or taking a gel- I was sucking on a Lifesaver.

Literally a lifesaver, those Lifesavers.
At least in my head they are.

It could all be in my head, but isn't a big part
of running a marathon mental anyway??

So Lifesavers will be accompanying me on my races
and longs runs until I decide otherwise!
Yeah- these are sugar free mints.
Not sure why I feel they helped me...
but I do!


fancy nancy said...

Love it! I used to use Lifesavers when I did Boston to help settle my stomach. I completely forgot about it until I read this post! I have a great stomach but when I am running it tends to be very cranky. Thanks for the reminder....I am totally going back to the Lifesaver!!

Lisa said...

So are they to keep your stomach settled, or do they keep you from getting too thirsty, or are they just a tasty distraction? I'm intrigued, and must try it on my next long run even if I don't know what they're for:)

Jerilee E. said...

I can't really say WHY they were helpful- I don't know. These particular ones don't have sugar so it's not that! I don't usually have stomach issues and didn't this time, either. I just really liked having something minty that would last. I guess the fruity ones with sugar would probably be better, huh? I just don't like the fruit flavored stuff.

Jessica said...

I actually run with Lifesavers too, but usually the fruity ones. It is just nice to have a moist mouth.