Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Nice try, weather...

It's pretty awesome when the weather report
says that it's supposed to be mostly sunny
and in the 60's until the early morning hours of the next day.

Then all of a sudden at 4 in the afternoon
the clouds roll in...
It starts raining off and on
and the temps drop to the 50's.

Then all of a sudden the weather report changes.

Just kidding!
There are actually going to be
scattered thunderstorms and rain showers
throughout the evening into the morning...
and it's going to get down to 54 degrees.
Geniuses, those weather people.

Apparently the science behind forecasting weather is 
to periodically go outside and look up.

Now that I've figured out the formula,
I think I've found my calling as a weather person.

Excuse my tangent that has nothing to do with anything-
least of all running!
I'm done now :)