Wednesday, June 1, 2011

There's a special day for this...

Apparently that day is today.

For it is

Of course it is.
A day once a year for running.
Just so happens to be on my REST DAY.

Maybe I'll go run around the block after the husband gets home.
If I hadn't gotten rid of our jogging stroller
I would throw all 5 kids in it and run down the road.

I'll just share the so very awesome BADGE that
the National Running Day site allowed me to thieve...
and alter to fit me.

Why I run:
I can "win" medals without actually winning.
Seriously one of my top reasons for running- to get more medals.
Don't judge.  Okay, you can judge if you want- I don't care.
also- I can feel good at it without being the best at it.

I feel proud of myself when I actually get out of bed
at 4:45 in the morning and run.
Doing something that most people never do- like running 26.2 miles.
Not to mention that it allows me to eat some of the things I love
without feeling so guilty.
Yes, I run so I can eat.
That's not the most shiny example, is it?

It's just this...
It's like giving birth.
(you can tell this is going to be a great analogy, right?  It won't apply to everyone)
It can kinda suck while it's happening-
but as soon as it's over you are so happy
and think "that wasn't so bad"
or even "I can do that again".
Dare I say- even WANT to do that again.

Happy running to one and all!


fancy nancy said...

I found your blog on the circle of moms site! You are hilarious!!

I absolutely agree....running is like childbirth. You somehow forget the pain when you think about it!

Lisa said...

I have totally thought that before! That running can be like childbirth. It's usually followed up with daydreams about some sort of epidural for any runs longer than ten miles. I haven't quite worked out the details yet;)