Sunday, June 5, 2011

This doesn't seem right...

I have read stuff about running.
Books, blogs, other websites.
I understand the importance of the taper.
In my head, I get it.
Still- it feels wrong.

Schedule for the week:
Mon: 4 miles
Tues: 3 miles
Thurs: 2-3 miles
Fri: 0-2 miles
Sat:  Utah Valley Marathon!!

I changed that Monday 4 miles from 6 to 4...
three times- at least.
Taper, taper.
That Friday 0-2 miles may very well mean that 
you might see a 2/3 of a mile ran that day. 
Maybe I'll just walk around the block.
More likely than not a big fat 0 will be what I give.

Feeling pretty okay about this race right now.
As in I only feel slightly nauseous.
Good sign.