Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Another one down and another one down...

We could also call this one:
Wow, what a day Wednesday.

Child #3 started Kindergarten!
I'm pretty sure I will get all weepy every time I send a new one to big kid school.
She was so ready and wasn't scared at all.
She waved, blew me a kiss and was gone...
well, for the whole 2.5 hours she is at school.

Then we went home to get #4 child off to school- preschool, that is.
She has a bus that comes to get her.
I love that.

Then it was just me and this one:
who is clearly not ready to dress himself.

But it was just the two of us for 20 minutes
when we had to go back for the Kindergarten girl.

Preschooler came home after that.
Then back to the school to pick up the older two.
Then to dance class for #3 girl & #4 girl.
Then to soccer practice for #1 son.
Then a soccer GAME for #2 girl. 
That's a lot of thens.
Wednesdays are gonna suck for a while. 

Luckily the husband got to come home for 2 hours.
Which meant that I made it to my spin class
while he dealt with the last half of soccer practice
and the first half of the soccer game. 

Then he had to go back to work.
(working a double to head up some sort of training- he doesn't usually work all the live long day.)

Kids are now all sleeping soundly. 

I am showered, fed and hardly moving on my bed.
I like my bed.
It loves me, too. 

Today's workout:

--Ran one whole huge mile.
--One hour spin class.

I was the sweatiest I have EVER been after spinning.
I was literally completely soaked.
It was terribly gross and wonderful. 


fancy nancy said...

I get teary when I hear people talk about their kids going off to school for the first time! I'm going to be a disaster when Em goes!!!

Maureen said...

I think your #5 son would get along well with my #1 son. They rock the same style.

Jen @ Mom's Gotta Run said...

Kudos for getting that spin class in. At that point in the day, I would have given up for sure.

Ali Mc said...

YAY for back to school :D I love the last one's outfit I can't wait till Logan can dress himself in cool ensembles :)