Friday, September 23, 2011

Fooling myself...

Hmm- I didn't post yesterday.
I feel like I wrote a whole blog post... but I must have done it in my head.
That could possibly mean I am crazy.
Not surprising.

Yesterday's workout:
4.3 miles in the early morning hours.
1 hour BodyPump class at the gym.

Then comes today.
I stayed up way too late last night so I didn't get up early to run.

That's okay, though...
because I just went to the gym instead.

Look who I found there:
The husband!

Oh wait- he drove me there.

We hadn't been to the gym together in a while.
It was fun.
Not that we did any working out together.
He did weights and elliptical while I ran and people watched over the balcony:
There are not nearly enough people to watch in the morning at the gym.
The after 5pm crowd is much more entertaining.

Still- 6.7 miles.

I told myself I would do 3 miles, so I wouldn't freak my mind out.
It works for me, alright?

It was one of the good kind of days- where I felt like I could keep going.
Unlike last Monday at the gym- where 3 miles almost made me die.

I didn't keep going, though... because the husband had to leave-
to go to the dentist.
Yes, he took a whole day off for a 30 minute dentist appointment.
That's how we roll.

Also- yes, that is an 11 year old Quicksilver shirt he is wearing. 
From before we got married.


fancy nancy said...

Gotta love quicksilver shirts!!! I love the after dinner crowd too. I don't know about your gym but at mine it is like watching an episode of Jersey Shore! Must be the free tanning included in your membership!

Have I ever mentioned I met my husband at the gym? I had known him through college but we were just friends. We lost touch when he graduated and then a year after I graduated(about 3 years later) we ran into each other at the gym....and the rest is history. His side of the story is that he saw me and thought that I probably had some hot friends that he and his friends could meet never considering that maybe I was the hot one! Nice honey!