Tuesday, September 20, 2011

If only I were smarter...

Last night... 
somewhere in my brain, I thought it would me a good idea
to go out to dinner with my family and THEN go to the gym.

The dance studio my girls go to was having kind of a fund raising night.
A certain restaurant would donate 15% of what we spent to the studio.
We couldn't pass up a meal out- so we were there.

The husband was all:
"are you sure you want to go to the gym right after eating out?"
 Then I am all "psshh, of course- why not?"

So I go, I eat.
Chips and salsa, a big unhealthy salad.
(note: I don't eat healthy when we go out- with 5 kids, we don't go out much...
 so I eat what I want when we do.)

Then I say adios to the husband and kiddos and head to the gym.

I ran 3.15 miles on the treadmill.
At about mile .6, I felt like I was gonna upchuck something awful.
I was getting side aches... and I haven't gotten those in a long time.

The rest of the miles consisted of me giving my body many, many pep talks.

"You can make it to 6:15 without puking"  
"Just go for 3 more minutes"
"One more half mile and you can do the vomit sprint to the bathroom"
"5 more minutes and maybe I won't make you do the spin class, too"

It worked- I talked my body into those 3.15 miles.
No already eaten food was expelled.

Then I DID the hour long spin class.
It sucked- big time.

The whole experience was terrible.

Lesson learned- you should NOT eat right before exercising.
At least not a big meal at a restaurant.

What?  You say everyone already knows this?
I suppose.

The husband was right?
Perhaps- but I'm not ready to make THAT declaration yet. 


Sarah Grecco said...

You are a 31 one year old mom of 5!!?? I had to read it twice because I thought I read it wrong. YOU ARE AMAZING. How do you find the time? I've got 0 kids but a pain in the behind beagle and feel like I have no time. You deserve a gold medal!!

Love your BLOG!

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