Monday, September 26, 2011

Coming back and moving on...

I got back up to about 30 total miles last week.
Not sure if that is a good thing or not, but it feels good to me!

10 miles on Saturday and 6.2 miles today!

Strangely, the 10 felt WAY easier than the 6 this morning.
 Some days are just hard, I tell ya.

We tried to slow the pace down- especially since this 6.2 mile route
is super hilly... but we still end up doing it too fast :).

Let's just say I was ready to go back to bed when we were done.
Dang school and kids thinking they want to be clean and on time! 

I had big plans to also go do a spin class this evening.
We'll just see what happens with that. 

Moving on...
My 3 year old has started wearing clothing other than his bathing suit!
I would say 'hooray!', but the clothes he has moved on to 
are not exactly what I had in mind.

the sweater vest:
He has about 4 of these that are for church.
The boy loves them.
I say "Go change- that is not a shirt!" 
He comes down with a different sweater vest on. 
So I say "Boy, what are you wearing??"
and Boy says...
"My sweatah vest!!" 

That picture is not too bad, really.
Yesterday he had it on backwards...

with his swim suit.


**EDITED for a late edition picture**

My adorable little weirdo was kind enough to 
re-create the outfit from yesterday for y'all.
This time with a little inside-out action.
Good gracious. 


fancy nancy said...

Who knew the sweater vest could be so useful! Congrats on your 30 mile week!

Lisa said...

Way to build your mileage sister! And that Brandon Boy is so adorable! I wish I could give him and his cute little sweater vests a big old squeeze!
Also, am I crazy? Or is today 100 days to Goofy!!!

Lisa said...

Til we LEAVE for Goofy, that is:)