Monday, September 12, 2011

Oh, how I missed you...

I'm glad my friend, running, is back with me.
So much so that it's a little challenging to stick with the slow and steady plan. 
Must try harder. 

I have only been running for just over a year-
but it became such a part of life.
It's weird when something you used to do everyday isn't there anymore.
(wow, I'm super cheesy.) 

Now it's BACK and it makes me happy.

This morning I ran 6.2 hilly miles...
with a girl who just ran 20 hard miles two days ago.
I was the one whose breathing would have led anyone to believe
that I was moments away from a very premature heart-attack.

I'm still alive, in case you were wondering.

I'm sure reading about my excitement over running again is getting very old.

How about a picture of a Pirate Family to mix things up:
Well, yes- we are the coolest family ever.

Planning on doing a spin class tonight, too.
Happy, happy Monday.


Jen @ Mom's Gotta Run said...

Once running becomes part of your life, you will always miss it when you cannot do it. :) BTW - Love the pirate pic!

Ali Mc said...

lol...I laighed a lot when I read this post and I love the family portrait RRRRRRRRRRR ;)