Friday, September 9, 2011

Poisonous things in my garage...

We'll just not talk about yesterday's workout that wasn't.
There was volleyball- but it didn't last long and I hardly moved ;).

There WAS this:
A salad concoction built for two.
That I ate all by myself.
Yum and healthy.
Go me!

Oh yeah- and THIS HAPPENED:
Yeah- that's a full on Black Widow spider.
About to chow down on a grasshopper.
In my garage.
(enlarge the picture- total red hourglass)   
(please don't judge this tiny glimpse of my filthy garage).

 I was not impressed.
I don't love spiders.
Especially poisonous ones in my garage.

So I had to squish a big ol' spider AND a giant twitching/dead grasshopper.
The aftermath was NOT pretty.
I will spare you that picture

On a more pleasant topic-

5.25 miles ran this morning!
The breathing is getting a little easier.

Love that I can run again.
Still no pain, so yay!


Lisa said...

That is my reaction to seeing a black widow in your garage!
I'm so sorry that you found SUCH a terrible thing in your garage, and I'm so impressed with you for dealing with it, were you terrified?
Yay for 5.25 and no pain!

Christy @ My Dirt Road Anthem: A Runner's Blog said...

That made shivers go down my spine, I freaking hate spiders and even worse when they are in my territory. Nice job squishing it!

Great job on the run!

hollyw said...

yuck! yuck! yuck! I have shivers running down my back!!!!! On a happier note...good job with the running!