Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Sometimes I ramble...

Yes, I  have 5 kids.
On purpose- all planned.
I love them and am glad we had 5 kids.
 I don't think it is crazy.

My gym doesn't completely agree.
They have a limit on the amount of kids you can have.

Okay, not the amount of kids I'm allowed to HAVE...
just the amount of kids we can bring into the gym kids club.
They allow 4 children.
So I guess I am supposed to leave one to fend for himself at home.
(Our oldest is almost 9- I don't leave him home alone yet).

I will spare you all the details-
but we eventually worked something out with them so we could bring them all.

I still didn't like going in there... the Kids Club, that is.
It's not that I don't LOVE when people act like I am putting them
out when I expect them to do their job.
Okay, it is that I don't love it.

Now that I only have 2 at home in the mornings, I figured it was time.
Especially since I am a single mother this week while the husband is GONE.

Time to give the Kids Club another chance.
(Only after I made the husband check with them before he left
 to make sure that they wouldn't give me any trouble...
since the kids club thing is under his name.
Yeah, I'm that wife.) 

You know what?
It was fine.
They were very nice.
No problems.

Maybe- just maybe- I shouldn't let my fear of interacting with grumpy people
keep me from doing things I want to do ;). 
Anyhow- I went, I treadmill-ed.
 I people-watched over the balcony while listening to my iPod
and watching me some The Price is Right
It was good, good. 
 4.5 miles on Treadmill
30 minutes Elliptical  

I'm going to hit up the gym again tomorrow morning for BodyPump.
 I think I am going to like this.  


Lisa said...

That's awesome that you can go to the gym and only have to take two kids with you! I'm sorry for snooty Kids Club workers. I try and interact with strangers as little as possible, and would totally have been that wife too and made Jordan call and figure things out:)
Have fun at Body pump!

fancy nancy said...

I avoid grumpy people too!! Especially when I am leaving my child with them!!! Haven't even ventured into the kids part of my gym yet!!

Jen @ Mom's Gotta Run said...

God bless you! Every time I read another one of your posts, I feel like a slacker that I complain about trying to get my training in with 2 kids and a job. You are my hero! :)

Joo Lin said...

I was going to find some post to ask WHEN you have time to work out. Really. 5 kids?? I only have 2 and it just doesn't ever happen. Ok, half-excuses, half-where do I find time to myself?