Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Really, 3 whole minutes?

Some good, fun early morning running again.

6.5 miles got did.

Another little pit stop halfway through, but happy that I went back and finished.
I need to start getting up 5 minutes earlier to avoid such pit stops ;).
(to, ya know... work things out.. hmm- TMI?) 

Now I would like to discuss something else.

Yesterday I was reading an article in Runner's World.

It said THIS:
 Well, I am not questioning the slower long runs.
That seems to be widely accepted.

But 3 MINUTES per mile slower than race pace?
That's the most I have ever heard of and seems excessively slow to me.
(I DO try to run my long runs at a slower pace- work in progress.) 

How much slower do y'all do your long runs?
 Should I be doing mine 3 minutes slower?
Can you tell that I am still new to running? 


(so not) SuperRunnerMom said...

I used to, but then I wanted to try to go faster. After 3 weeks of faster, my injury has returned in a different way. So, I think I will stick with slower on long runs. I used to make them 2 minutes slower - but I am a slow runner. If I added 3, I'd be walking :)

Maureen said...

I saw that article and about flipped over onto myself. 3 minutes seems extraordinary. I will echo (so not) SuperRunnerMom in saying that 3 minutes slower than marathon pace would have me walking.

Lisa said...

Three minutes? That's crazy! I Do absolutely ALL of my long runs at my RACE pace. That's said, MY race pace is about 7 minutes a mile slower than everybody else, so that might explain some things:)

Amy N. said...

I used to do my long runs that slow but I recently started using the book Run Less Run Faster that has you doing long runs at a faster pace. I can tell I've gotten stronger on that plan, so I don't know. I guess what it comes down to is that there are a lot of ways to train.

I also need to take pit stops if I do early morning runs.

Christy @ My Dirt Road Anthem: A Runner's Blog said...

I tend to do my long runs 1 to two minutes faster, but I am trying to keep it closer to 2 minutes slower.