Saturday, November 26, 2011

2 more... then 2 more again...

Saturday Workout:
10 miles
8:37 pace

My legs felt so good after my 18 miler on Thanksgiving.
I am definitely a believer in the ice bath!

I thought I might run yesterday (Friday)-
but I opted for some early morning sock shopping.
Yes, socks.
I know how to party on Black Friday, what can I say.
I went with a friend and we got to the store 10 minutes after it opened,
got what we wanted to get, got in line and got out of there.
Not bad at all.

Then I went home, cleaned up a bit and went to a movie with the husband.
Thanks to Grandma Judy for being the best babysitter ever!

I think I ate worse the day AFTER Thanksgiving.
Thus, I had to get up and get a good run in today.
It was a nice, chilly, no-stress run.
I aimed for six...
then I stopped at home to use the restroom and decided to go for 8.
Then I was at 8.17 when I got back home.
Well, I can't stop at a random place like 8.17!
So I just did the loop again until I got to 10.

It feels like it took a while, but I finally feel like my body
is getting back to where it was before the injury.
I am having many more days where I feel like I want to just keep running.
I like that.
AND- I had my first 40+ mile week.
46 miles!

Now it's time for some Christmas decorating!

I just love Christmas.


Amy N. said...

I am way too chicken to try an ice bath! You are hard core!

Phenomenal mileage this week! I only did about 25, I'm kind of a wuss these days!

Christy @ My Dirt Road Anthem: A Runner's Blog said...

Nice job with the mileage I am too chicken for the ice bath thing too, I stick to my compression socks!

fancy nancy said...

Amazing job on your mileage this week!!! You are getting stronger each day!! I love Christmas decorating!