Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Making me move...

Wednesday Workout:
10 miles
8:15 pace

Well, after I post the other day about how I am a morning runner...
now I shall state -  that does NOT mean that it is easy for me to get up early.

There is a lot of
"I can sleep 30 more minutes and just run 4 miles today"
"My bed is soooo warm"
"Running is dumb"
going through my head at 4:50 am.

Today was no different.
Just as any day, though- I'm glad I kicked my butt out of bed.
It was good, I feel good that I did it.
I won't feel AS guilty eating the snickerdoodle cake that I made yesteday.
The cake I made for no reason other than because I wanted to eat it all.

Okay, now another thing... not related to running.
I think I am finally figuring out Pinterest.
It's not that I didn't get how to USE it.
I just didn't get the obsession/addiction.
I would not say that I am addicted, but I see the appeal now :).

Especially when I find fun awesomeness.
This one is for you, the husband! - I may have over-trusted that fart.

I'm guessing that the husband is currently questioning
whether or not I should have access to the internet.
Maybe whether I should have access to interacting with people in general.

That's what you get for leaving me home by myself
with little children and my laptop.
Work... psshhaw.


Joo Lin said...

You, running you. You're just stellar! I'm so proud of you... and 1/1000th jealous. Mainly because you're disciplined to exercise and that you make time to do. I'm not disciplined to do either at this point.

So, love that snickerdoodle cake? I do.