Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Marathon madness...

Wednesday Workout:
6.2 miles
8:25 pace 

So, it turns out I might be CRAZY.

Not really psycho crazy- just a runner sort of crazy.

My first marathon was the Ogden Marathon this past May.
that listed the Ogden Marathon as one of the Top 10
races for first time marathoners.  
They included a code to register for the SOLD OUT event.

So this girl who was sure she would never venture past the half marathon
suddenly found herself registered for a full in the blink of an eye.
(Well, a quick form and some clicks of the mouse.)  

It was good, not great.
I didn't love the course and I expected to love it.
Everyone said how wonderful it was.
For me, it just wasn't. 

I did the Utah Valley Marathon 3 weeks later and LOVED it.
I would choose the UVM over Ogden any day.
 I have already registered for the Utah Valley Marathon, in fact.
Yeah, it's not until June- but I'm IN!  

This is turning into a long story.

The registration for the Ogden Marathon opened yesterday.
It's very popular and sells out usually in less than a week.

Every time I glanced at Facebook yesteday, there was some update
on how fast the spots for the race were filling up.
They predicted it would fill in 2 days.

Here's where the CRAZY RUNNER comes in.
I almost registered for this race not once...
not twice...
but THREE times.

I'd go to the event homepage and then be all
I didn't even like this race.
I don't want to do it.
Not to mention that I really don't have money to spend on ANOTHER race.  
Yet, knowing that a race registration has opened and is filling fast
for some reason makes me really feel like I NEED to register before I CAN'T!

There is something wrong with my brain. 


Amy N. said...

I spent the day doing the EXACT SAME THING!! I kept going back feeling compelled to register even though I didn't really want to!

Lisa said...

It is a kind of mania, I keep wanting to sign up for the Really Big Free Marathon in Las Vegas and then remember that yes, the registration is free, but the trip to Vegas is not, and I've already got three trips coming my way next year. Oh well.
By the way, one of those trips is going to be to Utah, in June, and I'm not registered yet, but totally plan on running Utah Valley!

Jen said...

I completely understand. I felt the opposite about those two courses! I loved the Ogden and hated Utah valley. And I have been toying with the idea of that one again. It must be crazy runner brain syndrome.