Thursday, November 17, 2011

I'm not cool enough, but I'm warm...

Thursday Workout:
7 miles
8:06 pace

I'm thinking of doing a little Shred with Jillian, but we'll see.

Today's run was GOOD.
SO very much better than my last one.
It was a bit cold and windy- about 22 degrees w/ wind chill.

I took the plunge a few weeks ago and BOUGHT my own

It seems like every blogger I follow was given a pair of these to review.
Everyone seemed to like them well enough, but you never know.
BUT, since my stress fracture...
and with having to train through the cold winter,
I thought they would be a good base layer and would maybe help avoid injury.

Since I am not nearly cool enough with my 7 followers to get a free pair...
when they had a 50% off deal the week before the NYC Marathon-
I went for it.

Well, turns out I LOVE them.
I had an irrationally hard time deciding which color to get, but went with white,
since that would match best under the shorts I wear during the rest of the year.
(Sorry for the not so attractive picture of my legs).
Kind of wish I would have picked black or red, but not a big deal.

Before I got these, my legs and butt would be all red and cold
after running outside in this chilly weather.
Now, nice and warm.
Also, no quad or hamstring pain after running all the hills in my neighborhood.

I am happy with my purchase.
I highly recommend.
That is all.


fancy nancy said...

Oooh I will have to look into this! I am anticipating cold runs so it is good to know that these help! I think your cool!! :-)

Amy N. said...

I've never don the 30 day shred, but I've heard so many things about it I want to try it. But I'm worried that it'll kick my trash. And I can't handle that. I'm a big baby.

Yeah, I got the white too and kind of regret it. They're great shorts though. I have to admit I like my CEP shorts better for running.

Maureen said...

I too suffer from cold butt and thigh syndrome in the winter. I never knew they even had such things as these. Thank you for sharing with your *ahem* 30 followers! ;).