Thursday, November 3, 2011

A pain in the calf...

Thursday Workout:
10 miles on the TREADMILL.
10 long, gross, sweaty miles at the gym.

I set my alarm for 5:10am.
I had all my running gear set out in the bathroom-
ready for 10 chilly miles outside.

All sorts of excuses come up at that early hour :).
I didn't sleep well.
A crazy stiff neck.
Pounding headache.
I could HEAR the wind blowing outside.

All resulted in me NOT getting my butt out of bed.
Not my proudest early morning running moment.

 I did get this butt of mine to the gym after dropping the kiddos at school.
I  left the other 2 in the Kids Club and got my nasty sweat on.

Running on the treadmill just feels so much harder to me.
It seems to take SO much longer, too.

After a LOT of "Just one more mile..." pep talks, I did it.
 I was dripping sweat and let's just say...
I was NOT smelling the most fresh.


Okay, I've been having some right calf pain since the Halloween Half.
 It started to hurt more the faster I went today.
I think I may have a minor calf strain from all the downhill.
I really don't want to have to take more time off from running.

I am icing and wearing these super cool socks...
We'll see how it goes.  


Jen said...

I wore my compression socks all day yesterday as well. And I was doing mind games too on the treadmill. It just seems so much harder. I heard the wind too and will do the treadmill then over battling the wind. I hope your calf is o.k.!

Amy N. said...

I love my CEP socks, I may wear them almost all the time (I have more than one pair though, not just one that i never take off.)

Christy @ My Dirt Road Anthem: A Runner's Blog said...

I hope your calf gets better soon! I just got over some anterior shin pain that lasted about a month. I wore compression, iced and didn't push my runs too hard.

fancy nancy said...

Ugh! I hope your calf feels much better. I was having calf pain from wearing heels at work too much. The compression socks helped a lot!

I agree...the mill does feel so much harder! Great job on getting in 10!!