Tuesday, November 15, 2011


Tuesday Workout:
6 miles
that felt way too hard.

I should feel extra specially proud of those miles that feel terrible.
The ones where I want to stop after .35 miles.
(Yeah, I literally said "Ok, that's enough" that far in.)
Instead I feel like- HEY, why is this happening?  What's wrong with me??
Oh well.
I kept moving, it's done.

One more day with Grandma here.
Too bad it's so freakin cold.

We braved the park yesterday- but I only took one picture...
because my hands were TOO cold.

Look how much fun the husband had, though ;).

Of course, I could only think of my favorite joke from The Office
(yes, I watch The Office reruns as I fall asleep)

Ryan: Did you see Saw?
Dwight: Of course I seesaw- Mose and I seesaw all the time!

Guess you had to be there.


Jen said...

That made me laugh! I love the Office. Especially the old ones!
And you should be really proud that you got through a hard run when you weren't feeling it!

Amy N. said...

I love the office.

I love see saws.

You are super tough to keep going on those runs where quitting seems like the only option. Way to go!

fancy nancy said...

LOVE me some Office reruns! I have a feeling tonight's run is going to be like your run! I am going to get some coffee on the way home to try to give me a little kick!