Friday, November 18, 2011

Snow runs...

I have big plans to run 17 miles tomorrow morning.
I'm really excited because the weather shows THIS:

Ah, some fun snowy running.
Can't think of anything more fun for a Saturday morning
than running 17 miles in the snow (and probably wind).

I did (my first) 19 miler in the snow this past February...
on my birthday.

What doesn't kill us makes us stronger, right?

Snow can't beat me!

Also, in news that only I care about...
I've been working on my
2012 Running Schedule!
(I reserve the right to change/add to it at any time)

It makes me feel happy.

1/7 – Walt Disney World Goofy Challenge (half Saturday, full Sunday)

2/18 – Dam 2 Dam 10 miler

3/17 – Spectrum 10k

3/31 – Riverton Half

6/9 – Utah Valley Marathon

9/2 Disneyland Half

10/6 – St. George Marathon


10/20 – SoJo Marathon

I signed up for the St. George Runners Series

So, if I do 2 other St. George city races, I can get a guaranteed
entry into St. George, bypassing the lottery.
So two of the above races are those ones.
If I decide not to do St. George, I won't do those ones.
They are far away.

Yay for running in 2012!


Dana Joost said...

I hope your snow run went well. That has to be rough. Good for you to accomplish it