Sunday, November 20, 2011

When body and mind don't connect...

The downside of a blog where I declare my plans.

I have to admit when those plans don't work out.

It snowed enough last night that I didn't do the 17 miles early.
I was afraid of slip sliding down all the hills around here.
That and the cold, wet feet thing.

So I went down to the river trail nearby after lunchtime.

My brain was all into it.
I was pumped and ready to go.

My body not so much, I found out.
I had been having some stomach trouble the past day or two.
I thought I was okay today- but I was NOT correct.
Some pain/nausea/uncomfortable feelings came on...
and would not let up.
Painful, sad issues.

Long story short(ish)-
I only ran 7 miles before I gave up.
Maybe if the bathrooms were closer...
but they were few and far between (7 miles apart).

Now I feel like a big giant loser quitter.
Having to stop a run that your mind is READY for just really sucks.
Hopefully I can get up early Monday and do the 17.

Okay- now that I have shared way too much.
The End!


fancy nancy said...

Ugh!! We all have those days! Its what you do with tomorrow that counts! You'll get in that 17 miler!!

Rach said...

im sorry! sometimes it's just one of those days.