Thursday, December 22, 2011

2 weeks and taper...

After my 20 on Monday, I felt wiped OUT.
I didn't run Tuesday.
I went out Wednesday morning for a planned 8 miles.
I made it to 4.

My right knee is hurting- in a way it hasn't before,
so I am taking today off and will try tomorrow.

That's the nice thing about taper time.
I don't feel AS guilty taking rest days.
(ok, I always feel guilty taking rest days- but it's a little better when tapering)

We celebrated our 2nd December birthday girl yesterday...
5 years old!

It was a busy day.
Along with the birthday, we had one with the stomach bug,
another with her choir performance...
She's on the far left.
I actually missed her concert because of the before mentioned

we decorated our Gingerbread house...
Clearly I have raised some free thinkers.
No need to conform to the traditional forms of gingerbread house design.
(except this was hard for me, because I'm a conformist)

It was messy business.

2 weeks from today I will be at the airport waiting to board my flight
to Orlando, Disney and the Goofy Challenge!
With Lisa!


  1. She is SO cute! They all are!! 2 weeks....eeeek! You're going to do great!!!

  2. Oh man, you have a cute brood! It's pictures like this that get me so excited for my own!!! Yea!

    I'm so sorry about your knee... but taking time off will help and can only help the taper... once we were into our taper period, my coach would always say "the hey is in the barn" meaning all the work is there (or isn't) already... now all you have to do is rest. There really isn't much you can do to make yourself stronger or faster in the next two weeks, but you can hurt yourself if you do too much... so enjoy the rest and then kick some butt!!! :)

  3. Oh... I'm signed into my real google account... oops... it's Jess from rerun... not that it matters. :)

  4. Adorable kids! Looks like a fun Christmas! Good for you for listening to your body-- you did the work, now it's okay to take it easy a bit. No guilt!