Monday, December 5, 2011

Baby, it's cold outside...

Monday's Workout:
9 miles

I know that there are places where it is even colder than it is here,
so you brave runners will think I am a big wimp!

It's been 4 years since we moved to here from Oregon...
I still find the level of coldness in this state shocking.

(When I left it said that it was 13, but with wind chill, 5 degrees.)

You know what is NOT a good idea?
Stopping after 6 miles to go to the bathroom...
then trying to start running again when it's so very freezing outside.

Somehow the cold seems much, MUCH worse.
I could not feel my face or fingers.

I'll say this- a shower has never felt so good.

Despite the cold and running 20 miles yesterday, I felt good
and my legs still feel good.  This gives me hope that Goofy won't suck...
at least not too bad.


  1. I grew up in this kind of coldness and I don't think I will ever learn to love it or get used to it. Brr! Getting ready for a cold cold run myself :)

  2. It HAS been really cold lately! And it IS hard to get started again after running because it IS SO stinking cold!
    I'm excited to see how your Goofy Challenge works out! It sounds great and you'll be totally ready! Plus it will be warmer there!