Monday, December 19, 2011

The girl who cried 20...

Eventually no one is going to believe me anymore.

I did not get up and run 20 this morning.
Oh, I planned to.
I'm going with "It wasn't meant to be".
I very much miscalculated and am apparently incapable of setting my alarm correctly.
Once my alarm went off I sat there wondering how I thought I was going
to run 20 miles in the amount of time I had left myself.

Math is hard.

So, at the risk of sounding like a broken record...
I am planning to run 20 miles this evening.

I'm not requiring anyone to believe me.
Let's face it- I don't believe myself.

Positive thinking.


  1. Isn't it hilarious how often you use math when figuring out stuff for runs? It's crazy. And my brain is no good at it, especially in sleep (or run) fog.

  2. Good luck to you on your 20 miler! You are going to do GREAT!!! No matter when you do it!

  3. Okay, so it's night now, & as I have no life of my own I'm DYING to know if you did your 20 or not! Either way, I think you made the right choice;)