Wednesday, December 7, 2011

I think I have a problem...

Luckily it's a problem in my brain, not injury related.

Wednesday Workout:
9 miles
8:11 pace

I consider myself a beginner runner still.
It's been less than a year and half since I headed down this road.

Maybe it's because of the cold, but I am finding myself thinking
that if I am going to go out, I have to run a certain amount of miles.

If I'm going to get up before the sun and bundle up that much
I'd better make it worth it!
For a while it was 6 miles... but it's becoming 7+.

Is this normal?
Am I setting myself up to get injured?
Do you feel like you have to do at least a certain amount of miles on a run?

Clearly I know nothing about running yet :).
This is why I should follow a training plan and do speed work, huh?


  1. I used to feel like to make a workout worth my time it had to be at least 5 miles, now I feel like it has so be 7 miles but I would rather run more. I am not training for anything right now though just running to be running.

  2. It's easy to fall into that trap of feeling like you have to do a certain amount for it to count as a real run while at the same time kind of feel like your drowning in your expectations.

    I like to follow a training plan, weather it's a 5k plan or a marathon plan, whether I'm training for a race or not. That way I'm always having high intensity times and having low intensity times without having to put too much brain work into it.

  3. Ummm first let's clarify...You ARE a runner! I agree though. I used to think that 3 miles was a run long enough for it's 5 or 6 and growing.

  4. I'm with Amy N.

    Last year I maintained a high number miles ran each week because I didn't really have a training program and I DEFINITELY feel like if I'm getting out of bed early it should be "worth it"

    Having a training plan has been wonderful! I still love running and some might say add extra miles in because of that but each of the workout runs are focused and give me a sense of completion that isn't tied into how big my mileage number is that week. I finish my runs feeling like I did a good job- which is important for me- why run if you don't feel good after?

  5. I think some people can handle high mileage all the time without injury risk. And you seem to be one of those people! I say if you can get away with it then do so! And you ARE a real runner!

  6. I think that as long as you are gradually increasing your mileage you should be fine! Also...listen to that body carefully! It is so so cold and you are my hero for running out there!