Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Keeping it down...

No running for me.

The stomach sickness has found me and it wants to stick around.
I don't want it to, though.
I'm not sure why my stomach doesn't care what I want.

Of course, we had the birthday party at Chuck E. Cheese 
with Grandma planned for last night.
(No, this outing has nothing to do with why I am sick, I was already sick.

I actually thought I was better.  I was wrong.)

A good time was had- man, those kids can go through tokens fast!

My December birthday girls...

 Now I am off to lie around feeling sorry for myself ;)...
with a little bit of driving kids around mixed in there.

P.S.  I miss you, running.


  1. Oh, no on the stomach bug! It's not fun to lay around sick... hope it passes quickly. Your kids are too cute!!