Monday, December 12, 2011

South, to Motherboy...

Monday Run:
9 miles
8:15 pace

We had a fun weekend of birthday partying and eating.
That is my Monday Motivation.
To remove the donut ring from around my waist.

Since it has become so freezing around these parts,
I find it hard to get myself HAPPY to get up early and run in the morning.
You know how it is...
once you are out there and have a couple of miles down, it's all good.
I am then happy that I got my butt out the door and can keep going.
I just have to spend a good 5-10 minutes in my bathroom
trying to convince myself to put all those layers on and and get moving.

Ah, winter running.

Alas, Success!
Run is done.

Also success in getting my baby boy to agree to never leave me.

By that I mean he said the words I am Motherboy.

Matching clothes, here we come.
Maybe not today, though...
since I was feeling lazy and thus am wearing leggings as pants.
Not the best Motherboy outfit.

(If they actually make the Arrested Development movie, I will cry out of pure joy...
and then drive to Oregon just to watch it with you, Lisa. 
Jordan, too- I guess)


  1. Getting myself motivated to go out in the cold is so hard! You have VERY cold temps so extra kudos to you for getting out there!!! Nice on Motherboy!

  2. Motherboy!!! Love it!! I would cry from joy if I saw you and Brandon dressed up in matching outfits:) I read something the other day about Arrested Development making new episodes specifically for Netflix, who knows if anything will EVER come if it, but we keep the dream alive:)
    God job running in the cold, btw, I'm gonna start calling you Tough As Nails Erickson, you're gonna love it- it won't be annoying at all.