Monday, January 31, 2011

Monday - 1/31/11

109 days to go...

Miles scheduled:

Miles ran:

That was awful.
Sometimes I hate being a girl.
If you know what I mean.
Running at these times just sucks.
Well, it does for me.
I still did it, though.
Yay me.
I really need to start checking my route before I start running.
I'd gotten pretty comfortable with my usual routes.
But now I keep mixing them up- forgetting the distances.

Definitely don't need to run further than necessary 
on days like this.

It's supposed to get as low as -2 degrees tomorrow
and/or the next day.
We'll just see if I get that 7 miles done :).

Saturday, January 29, 2011

Saturday- 1/29/11

111 days to go...

Miles scheduled:

Miles ran:
14.07 (ish)

I feel better today.
Everyone else seems to now be sick.
Dominic just can't seem to get better.

AnyWho- it's really nice that these long runs
are finally starting to not feel so dang hard.
I can do them without thinking
"maybe I'll just cut out that part of the route"
about 50 times.
I sometimes even think of ways to add more miles
(but then I remember that I'm supposed to be actually following my training plan)

I like where this is going.
Maybe there is hope for me yet.
I didn't even use my gel this time.

Today my only problem was
having to go to the bathroom.
I have problems.
Thank goodness for that Harmon's grocery story
on my running route.
I'm sure they love having a sweaty lady
come in to their story ONLY to use the bathroom
Buying not a thing.

They saved me, though :).

Friday, January 28, 2011

Friday 1/28/11

112 days to go...

Miles scheduled:

Miles ran:
0... zero... NONE

Yeah- some sort of stomach bug has taken
over our house.
It found me this morning.
I was actually going to do my long run this afternoon.
That didn't happen.
Strange, I know.
I feel quite a bit better this evening.
I figure that I've had every sickness possible
in the past 2 weeks.
It can only get better from here.
I'm hoping to do my nice, long run in the morning.
I think I can, I think I can.

Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Wednesday- 1/26/11

114 days to go...

Miles scheduled:

Miles ran:

O.  M.  G.
This was one of my worst runs EVER.
I mapped it last night-
but for some reason forgot what I had mapped
and ran too far.
Which sucks because my body was not
liking me today.

I got a side cramp/stitch 1/3 of the way in.
It wouldn't go away.
It's been forever since I got one of those.
I didn't drink enough water last night, I guess.
I felt like I had to go to the bathroom almost immediately after I started.

ALSO, running 7+ miles around my house means
running a whole freaking lot of hills.

I felt like I was going snail speed.
I'm still sad that I ran almost a mile more than I needed to.

Rest day tomorrow.
I've never been so happy.

I did get to 'chase' a cat for almost a mile.
Why that is important, I just don't know.

Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Tuesday - 1/25/2011

115 days to go...

Miles scheduled:

Miles ran:

Mark had to leave at 6:30 this morning,
so I had to either get up extra early
or run really fast.
Both, really.
I didn't map my run out beforehand.
I had to guess how far 3 miles would be 
it turns out that I was way off.
I really need a GPS watch.
Ah, someday.

Still, the time crunch made me super speedy...
since I didn't get up extra early enough :).
I did the whole thing in just under half an hour.
I still cut it very close-
I was walking up the stairs right as
Mark's ride to work showed up.
(car troubles) 

It started snowing an hour later.
 I'm so done with snow.

Very pleased with how the running week
is going so far, though.
Just keep running... 

Monday, January 24, 2011

Monday - 1/24/2011

116 days to go...

Miles scheduled:

Miles ran:
I did it.
I finally got myself out of bed
and did a morning run!
I think that's my first of 2011.
It's really, REALLY hard to want
to get out of bed at 5:45 in the morning.
Especially when you know you that
the reason you are up
is so that you can go out and run
in the freezing, freeeezing cold.
Today it was 27 degrees.
Actually not so bad...
for Utah in January.
So, I did it.
I always feel better through the day
when I get my run out of the way
in the morning.
I'm hoping this is a good sign for the rest of the week.
Crossing my fingers. 

Saturday, January 22, 2011

Saturday - 1/22/11

118 days to go...

Miles scheduled:

Miles ran:

I felt significantly better today.
I had some coughing issues after I finished,
but the run was great...
as great as running that far can be ;).
Of course, I chose to start my run in the
Target parking lot.
Which meant I finished there, too.
Right at about 11:30am...
so lots of people could stare at me
like I'm some sort of weirdo
running down the road.
Thanks, y'all.

It was beautiful today, though.
Nice and sunny...
but I had my hat on to block that out.
Since I don't really like the sun.
It may have even reached
40 degrees out there.

I'm so used to running in the cold
that I was overdressed and got too warm.

Also, my calves- mostly my right one- were hurting.
My middle toe, too.

Weekly round-up:
Days ran:  3
Miles ran:  little over 24

All in all, not what I was hoping for...
but I was under the weather most of the week.
So, not too shabby.

Friday, January 21, 2011

Friday- 1/21/11

119 days to go...

I am lame.
I got sick yesterday- as predicted
and I am awful
at mustering up the motivation to run
when I just don't feel well.

I am feeling a little better this evening.
Trying to decide if I will try to do a late
Friday night run.
I think I might have Bronchitis, though...
which I'm sure would only be aggravated by running.
So I may wait until tomorrow.

The first week documenting my progress
and I run 3 times.
I am SO proud of myself.
(sarcasm, anyone?  it comes natural to me)

I hate coughing.
My hope is that resting a few days will make
this all go away faster.
But I feel like a big loser.

Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Wednesday - 1/19/11

121 Days to go...

Miles scheduled:

Miles ran:

The 'eye infection' is pretty much gone.
Something worse seems to be coming.
My throat hurts, my nose is all stuffy, my head hurts.
I think bad things are in store.

Still, I ran.
I do feel better when I run.
Except for that cold wind that was going on today.
Coming from the north.
Making that DEVIL HILL
that is 6700 West
seem a whole lot longer than it really is.
It was very pretty out this evening, though.
The rain this morning cleared out the nasty air in the valley
so I could actually SEE what's down there ;).
(one of the nice things about living way up here on the west benches...lifted up a little out of the grossness)

My training plan said to run 3 miles.
(I am using the marathon intermediate 1 training coach plan on
For some reason 3 miles just seems like not enough.
I have a hard time running only 3 miles.
Obviously whoever creates these training plans knows
what they are talking about... right?
I should probably just follow it.

I'll work on that.

Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Tuesday 1/18/11

122 days to go...
Miles scheduled:
Miles ran:

I somehow did NOT make a miraculous recovery.
Strange, I know.
It was better enough by the time Mark got home, though.
Better enough for me to make a run for it.
It was nice.
This "eye infection" makes my head hurt.
The headache went away when I started running.
Then it came rolling on back in when I stopped.
Thank goodness for Excedrin.

Anyhow- it was a good run.
Felt rough for the first couple miles,
but then got into a groove.
I like when I finish a run and still feel like 
I have some left in the tank...

Now I am going to eat some pizza
and watch Inception with the Hubbs.

As you can tell, this is a running blog...
not a weight loss blog ;).

Bring on tomorrow.
Usually Wednesdays are my rest days-
but I have to make up for Monday :).

Monday, January 17, 2011

Monday- 1/17/11

123 Days to go...

Miles scheduled:

Miles ran:

So, I started off great.
Not so much.
I got sick today.
In my EYE.
We'll just call it an eye infection- 
because nobody likes that other name
for an eye infection.

It's even worse because I wear contacts- 
so either I wear one contact and feel lopsided all day...
or wear my glasses.
Either way- running is not happening.

I'm hoping for a miraculous recovery tomorrow...
A girl can dream

Saturday, January 15, 2011

Time to take charge...

125 days TO GO

I signed up for the Ogden Marathon.
My FIRST marathon.
Thank you Runner's World magazine... (sarcasm?)
for that code that that allowed me to sign up for the already full marathon.
At the time, it felt like a sign.
A sign that I was meant to do this marathon.
An expensive sign.
So now I have to do it.

Runner's World listed it as one of the 
top 10 marathons for first time marathoners.

I get scared every. single. time
that I think about it.

I ran 15.25 miles yesterday.
I didn't die...
but it sure wasn't easy.
A marathon is 11 MORE miles than that.

I then went and tried to run today.
I did 5 miles and it felt so very hard.

125 days to go. (give or take)
I've got a long way to go.
So I am blogging about all of it.
Hopefully to motivate me.
 Keep me honest.
I have (possibly unrealistic) goals for this marathon.
I can't seem to let them go, but I am trying.
Finish time goals, I mean.
I should just be aiming to finish!

As of right now, I am having trouble just doing my
5 runs a week.

Starting Monday, I am getting back on track.
5 runs a week (6, if it works out).
Follow my training plan.

Blogs are great.
Now I've written it down.
I must do it.
That's the plan.