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Sunday, February 27, 2011

Training Schedule 2/28-3/6

Training Schedule
for the week of:

 2/28 - 3/6

Mon - 3 miles
Tues - 7 miles
Wed - Rest
Thurs - 4 miles
Fri - 9 miles
Sat - 14 miles
Sun - Rest 

I'll be honest- tomorrow's run may not happen (Monday).
I woke up today and just feel like crap.
I seem to have developed a nasty cold.
I guess running 19 miles and then going out afterwards is a bad idea.
Suppressed immune system and all.
It may be true or just a theory- but I've noticed a difference
when I go out in public a bunch after a long run...
I usually end up coming down with something the next day.
Now I know.
Won't stop me from running those long runs- but good to know.

This weeks schedule makes me sad.
I don't know why, really.
There's no 19 miler...
but there's a 7, 9 and 14.
After the 18 that was scheduled last Saturday,
I expected a smaller number for this week's long run.
(It seriously took me 5 minutes to figure out if week's should be weeks or week's up there- this cold is messing with my brain- big time.  
I am still unsure if it is right) 

Oh well- it's all preparing me for what I signed up for.
No one can beat me.
No miles, that is. 

Saturday, February 26, 2011

Saturday - 2/26/11

83 days to go...

Miles scheduled:
Miles ran:

Take that, snow- you can't beat me!
I got up this morning- the anniversary of my birth-
all prepared to run as far as I could on the treadmill.

Then I got a message that the Salt Lake Running Co.
was still doing their 16-18 mile run this morning.
So I went.
There was snow- much snow.
It was STILL snowing.
The run was at the Jordan Parkway Trail (or something like that).
The snow wasn't AS bad down there.
A few inches.

I felt good and I did it.
The problem was that I had to do the route TWICE
to get to the 18 miles I was supposed to do.
It kinda sucks to get back to where your car is
and then turn around and do it all again :).

I have a nice, huge blister on my toe
and some mighty sore legs.
Proof of my awesomeness ;).
Running in snow is challenging.

I did kind of feel like crying when I was done-
crying joyous tears that it was over and that I had done it.
Also- it turns out that it was actually 19 miles...

Happy sore leg Birthday to me.

Weekly Mileage Round-up:

40.5 miles!

Friday, February 25, 2011

Friday - 2/25/11

84 days to go...

Miles scheduled:

Miles ran:

Darn you, snow!
I'm getting tired of you.
Oh so tired.

Treadmill at 6:15 in the morning.
*Side-note:  Way more people go to the gym early in the morning that I expected.  I had to park near the back of the parking lot. 
Did I mention it was snowing?

The first 2.5 miles were awful.
I felt tired and blah.
Then all of a sudden it was a piece of cake.
Sad, when I'm only supposed to do 3 miles.
yeah, I got to 3.6 miles before I even realized it.
I was so close to 4... I couldn't just stop.
So I ran on.

My plan for tomorrow is to go as far as I can 
handle on the treadmill- if it is snowing and stuff.
If it's not snowing- outside it is.
No guarantees on the 18 miles.
I want to enjoy my birthday at least a little bit. 
I think 18 miles might make my body sad all day.
Of course, if it keeps snowing, my birthday plan will be out the window.
The grandma needs to be able to GET to our house
in order to sit on our babies. 

Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Wednesday - 2/23/11

86 days to go...

Miles scheduled:

Miles ran:

Treadmill again.
Made the awesome mistake of taking one of the machines
directly in the big fan's blowing wind.
I didn't notice I had done it...
and when I did notice I figured the breeze would be welcome.

It was.
Until a few miles in when I noticed my very dry throat.
I then realized my mistake.
I should have gotten off and switched machines-
but that would be smart.
I am not the smartest- especially when running.
Now my throat is all scratchy and my voice sounds a little weird.

Yay, just what I needed.
Stupid fan, making me think it was nice.

Side note- it's supposed to snow through the weekend...
which could mess up the 18 miler I had planned for my b-day ;).
I have considered doing 18 miles on a treadmill.
That sounds like fabulous birthday fun.

Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Tuesday - 2/22/11

87 days to go...

Miles scheduled:

Miles ran:

It was cold and windy.
I was tired and... tired.

Still, I ran.
I won't pretend that I didn't stand on the porch for a bit
debating whether I should start running
or just go back to bed.
But I ran.
Even though that wind was so very cold.

I even ran it fast...
since I got started late-
as a result of the porch debating that went on
and my 2 year old that got up at 5:30.

Now I can sit here in my hugely ugly sweats
ALL day- knowing I already did my run.
It feels nice.
Sitting around being lazy is nice.
Even if the little voices won't stop.
My kids, not voices in my head.
I'm not officially crazy yet.

Monday, February 21, 2011

Monday - 2/21/2011

88 days to go...

Miles scheduled:

Miles ran:

A treadmill run again.
I just didn't get to bed early enough last night-
so the morning run didn't happen.
It works out because then I can get Mark to the gym in the evening.
My original schedule had me doing 4 miles today.
Then I ran 4.6 on the t-mill...
so I figured I could get to 6 and then switch today and tomorrow.
That's what I did.

Now I have to get up early and do 4 miles.
Have I mentioned how much I prefer running in the morning?
If only because I can then be lazy all day.
It's just so much harder to get out the door in the evening.

So, I will run 4 miles in the morning...
less than 12 hours after running 6 miles.
Gotta follow that schedule.
I'm not sure what will happen if I don't-
but I'm sure it is something terrible...
like my legs falling off 20 miles into my marathon.
That would suck.

Sunday, February 20, 2011

Weekly Schedule - 2/21-2/27

Training Schedule
for the week of:

 2/21 - 2/27

Mon - 4 miles
Tues - 6 miles
Wed - Rest
Thurs - 3 miles
Fri - 6 miles
Sat - 18 miles
Sun - Rest 

The Wed/Thurs runs can be swapped :).
Also- let's face it...
that 18 miler might not happen on Saturday.
It is my birthday, after all.
As of right now I am planning on doing it.
There is a running store here in Utah that hosts long runs
on Saturday mornings... in preparation for the SLC marathon.
They have water, etc on the course so I don't have to carry as much.
Their long run distances just so happen
to line up with mine.
I may try it out.

Saturday, February 19, 2011

Saturday - 2/19/11

90 days to go...

Miles scheduled:

Miles ran:

So, I cut it short.

Here's the deal.
I drive down to the soccer fields on long run days.
I start the run there- I like the route better.
I got up, got ready, drove there.
It was super windy- like 18 mph winds.
I guess that's only super windy if you are running into it...
which I was going to have to.
As I sat in my car psyching myself up to Just Do It-
the rain started.
I drove home.
Wind- not fun, but doable.
Rain- also not fun, but can be done.
Wind and rain together... I go home.

HOWever- I rounded up Mark and the kids
and we headed off to the gym at 8am.

I did 11 miles on the TREADMILL.
It really wasn't so bad.
Looking back I should have just done the last mile,
but- Mark was already being a good sport...
waiting and waiting...
running/jogging/walking next to me- waiting for me to finish.

Also- running on a treadmill is boring.
So very boring.
I had to get off that thing.

Some fun info- I get super sweaty running inside.

Happy to share disgusting facts with the world :).

Miles Ran this Week:

Friday, February 18, 2011

Friday - 2/18/11

91 days to go...

Miles scheduled:

Miles ran:

Like how I added that .05?
It makes me feel better.

This short little 3 mile run felt so hard today.
It seriously felt like 7 miles... maybe more.
My legs didn't want to work.
Maybe it was the basketball playing last night...
if you can call what I do 'basketball'.
It's more like running up and down the court
waiting for a chance to give the ball back to the other team.
That's my contribution.
They love when I come play ;).

It's embarrassing really.
Fun, but embarrassing.
I wouldn't be surprised if they just 'forget' to tell me about the next game.

12 miles tomorrow.
It better be easier than today.

Thursday, February 17, 2011

Thursday - 2/17/11

92 days to go...

Miles scheduled:

Miles ran:

Oh my ICE.
We had some nice wind/snow stuff yesterday...
into last night.
The wind had died way down by this morning
but it was cold- and boy was it icy.
My run took a little longer than I planned
(since I am on a tight schedule... that Mark thinking he needs to go to work- please)
because I decided to not risk injury running fast down icy hills ;).
I've realized, though, that I need to run
in the morning whenever possible.
Otherwise there's a good chance I won't get it done.

Which leads me to Wednesdays.
I may need to switch my Wed and Thurs miles.
Rest Wed, Run Thurs.
Mark goes to work extra super early on Wednesdays.
By the time he gets home, I don't want to run.
So I end up doing it on Thursday anyways.
I'll just leave it open, I guess.
As long as I get it done, it doesn't matter which day.
So that's that.

I like typing these conversations between me and myself ;).

Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Tuesday - 2/15/11

94 days to go...

Miles scheduled:

Miles ran:

I don't like running when it's windy.
Any wind over 7 mph.
It makes the run less fun.
I might be a whiner, I admit it.
It was blowing at about 13-14 mph this morning...
when I went out running at 5:20am.
I had to finish 7 miles before 6:30.
Early morning wind is the worst- because it's early morning.
It is done, wind and all.

Why, oh why did I do the super hilly route today?
I just don't know.
Hills AND wind?
Well, just double the fun.  

It is supposed to be CRAZY windy tomorrow...
like, 30+ mph winds- gusts to 60.
Looks like I'll be visiting the gym for some
awesome 'mill running.
That may be worse than wind. 

Monday, February 14, 2011

Monday - 2/14/11

95 days to go...

Miles scheduled:

Miles ran:

Happy Valentine's Day!
For this special day, I went running at 5:45 in the morning...
so that my husband could go to work at 6:30...
and work ALL DAY LONG.
For serious.
Like, until midnight.
Happy Valentine's day to me, indeed.

At least I got some exercise in!

Okay, he might get to come home for an hour or two this evening.
That would be something, at least!
Then I could make us dinner 
we could eat the red velvet cake I bought at Costco.
Good thing I went running.

Sunday, February 13, 2011

Schedule - week of 2/14 - 2/20

Week of
2/14 - 2/20
Training Schedule:

Mon - 4 miles

Tue - 7 miles

Wed - 6 miles

Thu - Rest

Fri - 3 miles

Sat - 12 miles

Sun - Rest

Saturday, February 12, 2011

Saturday - 2/12/11

97 days to go...

Miles scheduled:

Miles ran:

Yay- go me!
I realized last night that my Nike training plan
had me running 16 miles today, not 14.
I decided to just see how I felt this morning.

I felt good, so I went with it.
It resulted in me running the furthest I have run yet!
AND I don't feel dead and gone now
which is nice.

I almost feel like this marathon thing might
ACTUALLY be possible!
I still have a long way to go...
so I won't get ahead of myself :).

Weekly Round Up-

Miles ran this week:

Friday, February 11, 2011

Friday - 2/11/11

98 days to go...

Miles scheduled:

Miles ran:

I planned to do the long run today, but it didn't happen.
So I did my 6 miles and will do 14 miles 14 hours later.
That seems like a great idea.

The 6 miles was fine- no big deal.
2 teenage girls said something rude...
thank goodness for headphones.
1 person honked at me because of my Canyonlands hat...
(People seem to find unity in races)
and a teenage boy on a skateboard tried to run me off the sidewalk.
I may or may not have said something loud and rude.
I don't even regret it.
What is wrong with teenagers today?
I know I was a much more polite at that age ;).

I just looked ahead and saw that I am scheduled
to run 18 miles on my birthday in 2 weeks.
Hmm... happy birthday to me.

Thursday, February 10, 2011

Thursday - 2/10/11

99 days to go...

Miles scheduled:

Miles ran:

Okay, I didn't get my Wednesday run done ON Wednesday.
Mark goes to work way early on Wednesday mornings.
We are still down one car, so no gym for me.
Then Mark had to work late...
he was home, but had a phone meeting thing.
What with all that, scouts and a school play/puppet thing...
the run didn't happen.
I had big plans to drop the kids off after the school thing
and just go do it- but I was starving.
Mom need dinner.
Then I felt too full to run.
Then too tired.

So I got up at 5:15am this morning.
It was cold- so very cold.
My phone said it was '18 but feels like 10'.
It did feel like 10... on my face.
Even through the scarf I had wrapped around it.

Also, I slipped on some ice and fell on my butt.
Luckily I was walking at the time- 
after pushing a crosswalk signal button.
Still embarrassing.
You would think that at 5:20 in the morning, I would be alone.
No such luck.

Yeah- only 99 days left!

Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Tuesday - 2/8/11

101 days to go...

Miles scheduled:

Miles ran:

Ah, a nice run in the snow.
4 or 5 inches of snow.
It wasn't so bad because I was the first to walk/run on it.
The big problem was not really knowing
where the sidewalk/path was.
Not my best plan- way more risk of 
falling, slipping, breaking myself :).
I wouldn't have taken the risk if it were a longer run.
I just really prefer getting my run done in the morning.

Monday, February 7, 2011

Monday - 2/7/11

102 days to go...

Miles scheduled:

Miles ran:

A nice morning run.
Not great...
because it was morning- like, still dark morning.
Also, my right quad is still sore from Zumba.
Not sure why just the right one.
Other than that, it was good and it is done. 
Glad it's gotten a little warmer.
Sad that I think 30 degrees is "warmer".
Now I want to take a nap.
Why not?
It's 9am.
Normal time for a nap, I think. 

Sunday, February 6, 2011

Schedule for the week of 2/7 - 2/13

Week of
2/7 - 2/13
Training Schedule:

Mon - 7 miles

Tue - 3 miles

Wed - 5 miles

Thu - Rest (or Friday's 6)

Fri - 6 miles (or Saturday's 14)

Sat - 14 miles (maybe Zumba again)

Sun - Rest

I may switch up Thurs/Fri/Sat- depending on what I do on Saturday. 

Sunday- 2/6/11- Training plan thoughts

I've decided to change up my training plan a bit.
I'm now going to do a combo of Hal Higdon's 
Intermediate I plan:
cross 3 m run 5 m run 3 m run rest 5 m pace
cross 3 m run 5 m run 3 m run rest 5 m run
cross 3 m run 5 m run 3 m run rest 5 m pace
cross 3 m run 6 m run 3 m run rest 6 m pace
cross 3 m run 6 m run 3 m run rest 6 m run
cross 3 m run 5 m run 3 m run rest 6 m pace
cross 4 m run 7 m run 4 m run rest 7 m pace
cross 4 m run 7 m run 4 m run rest 7 m run
cross 4 m run 5 m run 4 m run rest 7 m pace
cross 4 m run 8 m run 4 m run rest 8 m pace
cross 5 m run 8 m run 5 m run rest 8 m run
cross 5 m run 5 m run 5 m run rest 8 m pace
cross 5 m run 8 m run 5 m run rest 5 m pace
cross 5 m run 5 m run 5 m run rest 8 m run
cross 5 m run 8 m run 5 m run rest 5 m pace
cross 5 m run 6 m run 5 m run rest 4 m pace
cross 4 m run 5 m run 4 m run rest 3 m run
cross 3 m run 4 m run rest rest 2 m run

I've already kind of been using this one- this week will be week 4.

Then the other one:
I have mostly been using the Nike Running Coach
Intermediate I program- found at 

I like them both-
they are pretty similar.
The Nike one has slightly more miles per week
and longer long runs on the weekend... 
because it's a 24 week plan that I started in December.

Hal Higdon's plan is a little easier for me to follow-
with the times I have to run.
His training plans only having me running 20 miles at the longest.
Nike does 22 miles- I think I will follow Nike's long run schedule.

None of this matters to anyone but me...
but since this is my running blog, I am writing it here.

I will look at them both and decide on the weekly schedule.
I think I will also put up my running schedule for 
the week on Sundays- so I know what's coming :).