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Thursday, June 30, 2011

At least I did it, alright?

I let my kids play games on my phone.
They have messed up enough settings
and downloaded enough random games-
you would think that I'd learn my lesson and just say NO! 

Still, I woke up at 5:19 this morning to a phone alarm
that had been flashing for almost half an hour- with no sound.
Hmm... I wonder how that happened :P. 

So I missed the first few miles with the neighborhood girls.
I ran the route backwards to catch them
but I was only at 4.15 miles when we finished.
6 miles is what I had planned- but, GEEZ, I am a giant wimp.
It really felt like I hadn't run in months. 

I started walking home afterwards and somehow convinced
myself to finish up the 1.85 miles to get to 6.
It was slow, it wasn't pretty- but I did it, okay? 

Now, if you will excuse me...
I am going to go look into some leg transplants.
Nice, big muscly ones.
That is sure to be cute.

Miles Scheduled:

Miles Ran:

Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Virtual 5k...

I did my FIRST virtual race this morning.
A 5k... at 4:30 in the morning.
The husband leaving at 5:15am is awesome.
I almost didn't even do it because I am experiencing my monthly sinus infection.

However, I get them so often that I may as well deal with it!

The first of 4 virtual 5k's in the 
Have I mentioned before that I don't like 5k's?
Because I don't.
I have a hard time starting out that fast.

Did it anyway- in my fastest 5k time yet!
 Yes, this was only my 2nd timed 5k.
I feel weird talking like this was a race- considering I was alone ;).

I did have a race bib:
 Man, I look cute at 5am after running 3.1 miles.
It was 74 degrees- gross.

Look at that- here's me running!
 Did I not mention that I did the whole 3.1 miles on my front porch?
Just running back and forth.
Okay, maybe this is a (badly) posed picture.
I don't actually run with my hands in fists-
ready to punch anyone who messes with me.
Maybe I should, though.
Something to consider.

Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Everything gets better after 4 miles...

Look at me- getting up at 4am to run.
Yeah, I'm dedicated.
Except I feel oh so tired now- and it's not even 8am.

Still, I did my 11 miles.
4 miles on my own.
6 with the neighborhood ladies.
1 more on my own.
The first 4 felt hard and my lungs felt tight.
But it got better.
It always gets better after 4 miles.
Just get those first 4 done, the rest will be fine.

Done by around 6:15.
A good days work, I'd say.
Time to sleep the day away.
Ah, but I dream ;).

I remember college and randomly sleeping off and on all day.
Those memories will have to suffice.
Because apparently I'm expected to productively
finish off the rest of this Tuesday...
dressed and out of bed :).

Here we go- I'm up!

Miles Scheduled:

Miles Ran:

Un-important announcement!!

Schedule Altered 
due to lazy conditions
on Monday.

5k will be done early, early
Wednesday morning.

That is all.

Monday, June 27, 2011

Change of plans...

Ha- I have problems.

My brain decided it would be a good idea to take
some prescription cough syrup before I went to bed.
I is smart.

Not just for fun or because I am an addict ;).
Yesterday I woke up with a weird rattling in my throat/lungs.
 It didn't feel great but not as bad as the bronchitis back in March.
Still- coughing and itchy throat keeping me awake.

Such a great idea when I plan on getting up early to run.
Yeah, not really.

I woke up with the worst 
cough syrup hangover EVER.

Alas, no running occurred.
It took me a while to shake my brain awake this morning.
My whole body, even.
The lungs/coughing kinda feel a little better at least! 

I am drinking my version of coffee...
Get myself up and going.
Gotta get this house clean before we go out of town.
Nothing worse than coming home to a dirty house!

New plan!
Maybe run the 5k at the gym tonight...
or outside after the sun goes down a little.
It's gonna be around 90 degrees today.

I suppose I should try to make my body deal with 
running in the heat- but I just don't want to.
Take that.

Sunday, June 26, 2011

Running, races and Oregon...

This week's schedule:

Tues: 11 miles
Wed: 3.1 (MRTT 5k)
Thurs: 6 miles
Fri: 5 miles
Sat: 4 miles- Dirty Girl Run!! 

Lots of things going on-
last week of school, family stuff, races...
and getting ready to leave for Oregon!

I signed up to do the Virtual Insanity 5k
Virtual Race Series through MRTT.
So I guess I should do it :).
I have until the last day of June- which is coming up very quick here.
Waiting until the last minute is my specialty!

Then comes the Dirty Girl run on Saturday!
So excited for this one.
I guess it's actually called the
Kiss Me Dirty race now...
 Still- should be a dirty good time!

I am awesome at planning- which is why my 
CURRENT plan is for us to leave straight from this dirty race
and head to Oregon.
I should be nice and stinky/dirty/disgusting.
I'm just SO excited to see everyone- 
I just can't bear to waste time driving all the way home to shower!

Of course there is the Foot Traffic Flat Half Marathon
in Portland on the 4th of July- with Lisa!

It all makes me happy :).
I'm so excited for all the fun stuff- I can hardly stand it.

Saturday, June 25, 2011

Monthly brain issues...

Yeah, I had plans to run 10-11 miles today.
Then my little monthly friend showed up.
I decided to still do it, though.

THEN Evonne asks if I want to go to Zumba.
Well, I love me some Zumba and I love some Evonne, too!
Plus- it was FREE!
So I decided to run and then do Zumba.
I somehow forgot about THIS DAY.
This time of the month messes with my brain.
Makes me do things .
Things I would normally realize are a bad idea.

Turns out it wasn't so bad.
Running before Zumba is better than running after.
That and I only ran 7.2 miles today.
Not 16 like last time.

So- yeah, I cut the miles down to 7.
My plan is to run 11 miles on Tuesday...
since the Dirty Girl Run is on Saturday!
Then the half marathon next Monday- the 4th of July.
smaller Woohoo!!

Miles Scheduled:

Miles Ran:

I also somehow decided that it would be a great idea
to run the same giant hill I did yesterday.
It made my legs feel sad.

That's okay-
7 miles and an hour of Zumba mean I can sit on my butt for a while.
That is how I see it.

Friday, June 24, 2011

The hill conquerer...

Since I literally can't avoid hills where I live-
(unless I want to run back and forth on my street about a billion times- no fun)
I may as well embrace the HILL.

This morning I decided to run down 8200 South.
From my house to the bottom is about 2 miles.
(I ran down and back on the nice flat road at the bottom to add some more mileage)

 A nice solid uphill crazy for almost 2 miles.

Sadly, I had to stop for a car- so I felt defeated ;).
Other than that, I totally did it without stopping/walking!
I take you DOWN, hill.

However, I did take a side road (again, to add mileage).
It's still mostly all uphill- but it has a random downhill-ish dip.
So, I got a mild reprieve for a minute.

It wasn't too bad, even!
I think it's all because of my AWESOME new shoes:
Very reflective- good to know.
My legs work pretty well as reflectors, too.

I love them.
The shoes- not my legs.

 Miles Scheduled:

Miles Ran:

Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Sore legs and vomit...

Wow, these hills are doing something awesome to my legs.

Awesome = Ouch
Remember how my neighborhood is hilly?

Hilly like this:

At least what goes up must come down.

I'm wondering when 5 miles started feeling so hard.
 Maybe a rest day is in order.
Good thing tomorrow IS a rest day.

To make things a little more special-
one of my kids vomited during the night...
and then slept in it.
She didn't come downstairs and tell me-
she just went back to sleep.
Double YACK gross.
Kids are disgusting.
Happy, happiness:
My new shoes just got here!

Now I am kind of wishing tomorrow wasn't a rest day.
Except it has to be-
cuz the husband has to leave for work by 5am.
I don't think I'm going to get up at 3:45am.
I know- lazy wimp.
it's going to be 94 degrees tomorrow.
No evening running for this girl.
I would melt.

Tuesday, June 21, 2011

It's not supposed to be easy... right?

Wow- today's run felt hard.
Maybe that week off made me REALLY out of shape.
Whatever it was- I was glad when it was over!

Yeah- it was only 5 miles.
Miles Scheduled:
Miles Ran:

I'm blaming it on the heavy shoes I was wearing-
because I can blame it on whatever I want ;).

Some people in my neighborhood have reported
seeing SNAKES (AAAH!!!) around.
So watching the ground for SNAKES (Nooo!!) passes some
of the time a little more quickly.

I do not like SNAKES (scary!!).
Not one bit.
As in not at all.
My worst nightmares are either about SNAKES (stay away!!)
or giant waves at the ocean (strange?).

Thank you, Summertime- for bringing out the scary.

Monday, June 20, 2011

In the (hilly) saddle again...

Have I mentioned that my neighborhood has a lot of hills?
Because it does.
A LOT of hills.

I had only scheduled 4 miles today...
for my first run after a week off.
I forgot that I usually run with the neighborhood ladies Monday morning.
So my schedule has been altered.
That's nothing new, though :).

Miles Scheduled:
4 - then switched to 6-7

 Miles Ran:

I had to take my Garmin to make sure we finished before
husbands had to leave for work-
but I tried to not worry about how far or how fast.
I felt good after we were done...
so I did another mile on my own.

I really like knowing how far I've gone
so it's hard to not use my watch.
I do like not focusing on pace so much.
Just run however fast (slow) I feel like going.

It felt good to be running.
 Over 700 miles for the year! 

Hope everyone had a wonderful Father's Day yesterday!

We celebrated the Dad in our house with some Plettar:
The husband's favorite thing.
I tried to find a link for a description of Plettar-
but all the websites I could find are in Swedish :).
They are eggy, little pancake things.
 I don't even really like them- but I'm the only one
in this house who knows how to make them.

Happy Monday :).

Sunday, June 19, 2011

Back to it...

After a week off, it's time to get back to running!
I think that time was good for me
because now I feel ready and WANT to run :).

It helps that I realized that I have a half marathon in 2 weeks...
in Oregon- yay!
I really thought I had more time.
I'm interested to see how the elevation change will affect me in a race.
The elevation at my house in UT is about 5000 ft- compared to Portland at 100 ft.
Have you noticed any difference when running in lower/higher elevations? 

So, here we go!
Running Schedule:
Mon: 6-7 miles
Tues: 5 miles
Wed: 5 miles
Fri: 6 miles
Sat: 10-11 miles

I ordered some more Kinvaras that will hopefully fit better!
These ones:
Too flashy?
Mark will never miss me in a race again.
I should get them on Wednesday.
Until then, I will have to deal with my older Asics.
The ones that now feel like they weigh 2 pounds each...
after wearing the Kinvaras, that is.

Happy Running!

Friday, June 17, 2011

Picture the marathon...

They finally put up some pictures from the

I should remove that exclamation point-
because there are literally 2 pictures of me.

The rest are pictures of me taken from 50 yards away
or just random pictures from the race that don't include me.
Not impressed.

I may even have bought one if they were okay.
This is all I got...
Both not too bad- but pretty blurry.

Yeah- good thing I loved the race.


Last night we had some errands to run.
Library, Home Depot, Walmart... some dinner.

I made us ALL go into Walmart because I needed 
Mark's help in selecting the right color of foundation makeup.

I know- I'm 31 and should know how to do this.
I just can't seem to buy the correct color the first time.

Anywho- yeah... 2 adults and 5 little kids in Walmart.
I don't like to spend a lot of time inside Walmart alone.
Let alone with 5 kids- in the makeup section.

We gave our 2 year old boy a sucker right before we went in the store.
Apparently it was a sucker made of caffeine and speed.
(disguised as a Blow-Pop).
Not a thing in the store went untouched by that kid.

FINALLY we got to the Express Checkout lane.
Little boy child decided it would be fun to 
frog hop onto the bruised and damaged 
big toe on my right foot.
(toes are still sad from that marathon stuff).

As I attempted to do this:

little boy jumped off of that toe onto the other one.
Then slipped and fell on that same toe with his bony baby butt.
Downside to being potty-trained.  No padded backside.
Says I.

Blood and stuff coming out from under the
toenail on my left big toe.

I think taking a full week off from running is a good idea.
Everything is always better on Monday.

All works out because I forgot I had to take little
 5 year old toothless to the dentist bright and early this morning.

She had to be sedated so that they could
pull out 2 more teeth on top.
Some pretty awesome 'loopy, sedated child' videos were taken.
I can't get them to load-
but here are some still shots pulled form the video:

It was like having a newborn- she couldn't control her head
or really much of her body.
She could give me some seriously goofy smiles, though :). 

A few fun comments from our girl include:

I love the world!

I want to go in the (fish) tank! 

I love flying!

Why do I feel so silly?  

I want to swim with the fishes!

I love the dentist!

Why can't I walk? 

I'm falling!

I love teeth. 

I want to run to Chloe's!

Sedated children are funny. 

Thursday, June 16, 2011

Strike that...

Remember yesterday and the Lifesavers mints?

Well, I mistakenly added/commented that I didn't think
that these particular Lifesavers have sugar in them.
Sugar-free mints.

I was wrong- these ones do have sugar.
Which is probably why I felt like they helped.
That little bit of extra sugar intake constantly going on :).
It still could all be in my head...
but I can pretend it was the sugar

About my run today.
Yeah, didn't happen.
It's acceptable to take nearly a WEEK off after a marathon, right?
What about 2 marathons in 3 weeks?
Still no?
I'm just lazy?
Why, yes- I can identify with that.

I will run either tonight or tomorrow morning!
A promise to myself.

Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Minty fresh...

Today was the first day since the marathon
that I actually felt like running.
It always seems to take me a few days to get back into it.

BUT- I didn't get up and go.
My toenails are still a little sore and tender-
enough that I'm sure it will hurt to run.

Tomorrow!  It will happen.

Moving on!

So- I failed to mention my marathon saving grace.
What I believe it to be, at least.  

 I went down to this marathon with a friend- Kristin.
On the way down, she mentioned that a friend of hers
sucks on Lifesavers during marathons/long runs.

Well, I usually chew gum and recently started with tic tacs.
I have bitten my tongue right a the beginning of all
but ONE race because of the gum chewing.
I have chewing problems.
So I have sworn off the gum.
Tic tacs are just gone too quickly.

We went to Smith's the night before the race
and I decided to give the Lifesavers a try.

Holy cow, the best decision EVER.
I stuck them in a sandwich bag and pinned it
inside of my shorts- on the side.

Anytime I wasn't drinking at an aid station
or taking a gel- I was sucking on a Lifesaver.

Literally a lifesaver, those Lifesavers.
At least in my head they are.

It could all be in my head, but isn't a big part
of running a marathon mental anyway??

So Lifesavers will be accompanying me on my races
and longs runs until I decide otherwise!
Yeah- these are sugar free mints.
Not sure why I feel they helped me...
but I do!