Sunday, July 31, 2011

This is new...

A weekly exercise schedule
with NO running involved.

It's a little sad, I must say. 
I miss running.

We were out driving early Saturday morning
and I was so jealous of all the weekend runners out doing their long runs. 

I am enjoying spin class.
It's a great workout...
I know this from the GOBS of sweat I produce during one class
and the sore legs that are seriously present the next morning.

I am also thinking of trying the BodyPump class at 24 hour fitness
and I am learning to enjoy the elliptical again.

the sad stress fracture isn't hurting anymore.
I will wait a little extra time for even attempting to run- but it gives me hope
that I will be able to run again this YEAR. 

Oh yeah, so here's the proposed schedule:

Monday:  BodyPump in the morning - 1 hour spin class in the evening

 Tuesday:  1 hour elliptical - some squats/lunges and other stretches the dr. guy recommended.

Wednesday:  1 hour spin class

Thursday:  1 hour elliptical- then weights... or is it weights then elliptical?

Friday:  1 hour spin class

Saturday:  1 hour elliptical (volunteering at the SL Running Co Free 5k!)

woo- it's gonna be a good week! 

Thursday, July 28, 2011

I done spun...

I totally did it!

I spun.
I mean, I did spin.
A spin class, that is.

It was actually really fun.
Okay- maybe FUN isn't the word.
It was VERY challenging and VERY sweaty.

Also,  certain parts of me are a little sore today ;).

Other than THOSE parts,
it was the kind of pain you enjoy- at least I did.

I looked simply amazing when I was done...

 All sweaty, red-faced and gross.
I am clearly wonderful at self-portraits taken in the car.
Honestly can't figure out why I am posting this picture at all
To scare people?  Did it work?

I signed up to go again Friday, Saturday, Monday, Wednesday...
so yeah-
I like me some spin.

Most of the other people had on some sort of spin/cycling shoes.
I don't know if I'll ever be that hard core :).

Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Feeling the lazy...

Okay, I need to get back to it.
I took a full week off from exercise to give this injury some healing time.
We did a lot of wandering around this past week...
so that doesn't really allow for much healing, I suppose :).
Also, some really awesome people decided to break into our car
and steal my purse and the husband's phone while at the water park.
That was helpful.

I was going to brave the spin class Monday morning
but we went to a parade instead!
My kids had never really been to a large parade-
the kind with floats and stuff.
We had a good time- with perfect parade weather.

So- new plan!
I think I will try to make myself go to a spin class this evening.
I've got to get myself really psyched up about it ;).
I do so much better exercising in the morning.
I seem to lose motivation the longer I wait.

I may just do the elliptical for a while instead.

Either way- I'm going to the gym.
I need to get this body moving.
I feel like a lazy slug.

I think I will try the bodypump class sometime, too.
Another one that scares me...
but I do not leave my comfort zone NEARLY enough.
Like, ever.

Saturday, July 23, 2011

Spin me right...

My injury requires alternative forms of exercising for a while.
Very low impact exercise.
I can always do the elliptical- BUT...

I'm thinking of trying out a spin class.

Here's the deal.
I'm deeply scared of trying spin.
I don't know why, really.  It's not rational.
I don't want to be that girl who has to leave class 
because she just can't TAKE the spin. 

I'm scared of committing some terrible spin taboo
where everyone stares at me like I've ruined the whole class.

I even googled
"What to expect for your first spin class".
It just made me more nervous.

I need some one to tell me everything will be okay.
Tell me spinning is terrible and to NOT do it!

Are my running shoes okay?
How early should I be for a 6am class?

I already miss just running outside.
It makes it so much easier to maintain my socially awkward lifestyle.

Thursday, July 21, 2011

Legacy Midnight Half

I never did recap the Legacy Midnight Run Half!
The one I ran with a stress fracture.
I'm sure it helped my current situation.

It got done, though.
I even enjoyed it!
The strange thing about this injury is that it hurts more
when I STOP running than when I actually run.

It was last Friday night- at 10pm.
The idea was to 'beat the midnight hour'.
So, to make it in under 2 hours.

I almost didn't run it because of the hip pain.
I'm one of those smart runners, though...
or as the husband puts it- an irrational runner.

They gave out glow sticks and a flashing LED wand
to keep us all lit up and not crashing into each other.

Let me just say that the Legacy Parkway Trail is not wide enough
for 500 runners running a half marathon.
Lots of weaving, stepping on each other, etc- for the first mile or so.

I went alone, so no pictures at the race-
but Mark took a picture after I got home...
The flash makes the glowing hard to appreciate.

Here's a LOVELY shot of me...
You can laugh, I won't be offended :)

I tried to kinda take it easy.
My time was 1:50:42

I finished, got a drink and some ice cream then headed home.

This was the first year for this race, so it was pretty small.
About 500 runners.
Turns out I got 3rd place in my age group.
I never would have expected that, so I didn't stick around.
Oh well.

Here's my glowing medal:

Ah, racing.
I miss you already.
We'll be together again soon!

Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Stressed out...

Of course it couldn't be just a simple muscle strain...

No, it's a stress fracture
Well, that's what the doc says after x-rays.
He said I could get an MRI to be positive-
but he seemed pretty darn sure
and said it would be the diagnosis either way
I chose to believe him.
It really couldn't be anything worse, so why bother paying more money.
I actually don't know if it would cost more or not.


This really messes with my schedule.

Here's the current plan:

No running for 2 weeks.
After 2 weeks- if the pain is gone, try a slow jog.
Stop if any pain comes back.
Physical therapy exercises on my own at home- after the pain is gone.
Go back for more x-rays 4 weeks from now.

See how it goes.

Hobble Creek is pretty much out.
I may possibly still be able to do the St. George Marathon,
but I won't be able to train for it properly.
Everything is on hold for the time being.

The Goofy is the big one, anyways.
As long as I can heal in time for that,
I will refrain from cursing the world and all the uninjured runners.

Good times.

Doctor Prep...

I'm pretty sure the best way to prepare to go see
the Sports Medicine doctor regarding my old lady hip
is to run a bunch of hilly miles the morning of the appointment.


Well, that's what I did.
He's going to love me.
At least I'll be able to show him exactly where it hurts ;).

Miles Ran:

 I'll be back later to let y'all know what he had to say...

Monday, July 18, 2011

Old lady hip...

This laptop breaking down thing is messing with my life!
It's making blogging a little scarce.
I'm way behind on my blog stalking, too.
No good at all.

That and I think I am now 60 years old and need a hip replacement.
Okay, probably not.
I'm having some sort of hip issue, though.
My right hip hurt a whole lot after the Foot Traffic Flat.
It got better after a day or two-
but it comes back every time I run now.

Didn't stop me from doing the Legacy Midnight Run Half-
but it did slow me down.
(more on that to come!)

I'm going to the doctor on Wednesday to see what the what
is going on with grandma hip here.
Hoping that it's something that will fix itself sooner than later.

Still 2 races left this year...
Hobble Creek Half in August and St. George Marathon in October.
Not to mention the big Goofy in January!
No time for injury!
Please be nice, hip.

I'll teach my kids to properly massage my feet while I wait.
I'm still working on the girls
but the boys were very helpful today...
Yes, our small boy man doesn't wear clothes anymore.
He's making a statement of independence, I suppose.
We want to support our children in their chosen paths.

Not really.
He just always shows up in front of me in only his underwear.
We're working on it.

Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Foot Traffic Flat Half and a sad broken computer...

We went to Oregon for the 4th of July
and just got back this past Monday- late late.

Unfortunately, my old faithful laptop crapped out on me.
Sad, sad day.

No computer for many, many days.
I had something like 600+ blog posts in my google reader.

So here I sit- in the basement I rarely venture down into...
(not sure why- it's finished and everything)
using the desktop that refuses to print- among other things.

Moving on!

I did the Foot Traffic Flat half marathon with the lovely Lisa
 out on Sauvie's Island in Portland.

Can I just say that I loved this race?
It was pretty much entirely flat and beautiful.
I managed a PR on this course- by nearly 5 minutes...
and I felt great- like I could have gone a little faster :).
Getting to do a race with Lisa just made it that much better!
Here we are- ready to run, obviously ;)
These are all awesome cell phone pictures, by the way.
AND my photo editing software is on my dead laptop and I'm too lazy to install it on crappy desktop here.

Me running...
Seeing pictures of myself running pretty much always makes me sad.
I look like I'm about to fall over.
Don't even get me started on what I'm doing with my hands.

With my medal and fresh strawberry shortcake...

In case I didn't mention it- I loved this race.
Perfect weather, a great course and a Lisa!
Doesn't get much better than that.
I wish I lived in Oregon
(for many reasons)
so I could do it every year!


Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Run, Dirty Girl...

and run we did!
A nice dirty run.
The Kiss Me Dirty race was this past weekend
and it was so much fun!
Definitely would do it again.

Here come all the pictures!

Little boy man wanted to be a Dirty Girl, too- but  Dad said no ;)

Here's our Girls Gone Dirty team... ready to start-
Obviously my years of watching America's Next Top Model
have not improved my posing abilities.

And we're off...

The course was 2 laps- total of 4 miles.
Mark could only really get pictures of me at the end.
There were some muddy, muddy tires to jump/run through...
some hay bales to jump...
some walls to climb...
and some nets to climb under-
which had nothing but muddy grossness underneath.
Good times :).

Coming into the finish...

Diving through the foam at the end-
turned out not to be the best idea...
It was a little rough- not exactly a slip and slide ;).

You had to work to get good and dirty- and we did!

For some reason, this girl of mine didn't want a hug!
Weird, huh?
Mark did, though... can't you tell?

Yay team Girls Gone Dirty!
That's how it's done.

And this is how we get cleaned off...
for a 12 hour drive to Oregon.

Yes, I was a dirty girl all day long... in the car.
Fun for Mark :).