Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Time sure flies...

We are down to less than 100 days until the Goofy Challenge!
Just a little over 3 months!

Reservations have been made, my totally fab running costume is in the works.
All that's left is actually being ready to be Goofy :). 

Good thing I am running again, huh?
Even though I'm pretty sure nothing can prepare me to run
a half marathon on Saturday and a full on Sunday...
I will do my best.
Training in the winter is gonna be awesome.

No running yesterday, but I did a BodyPump class
that made my body feel happy and sad all at the same time.
I love that feeling :).

This morning was another 6.2 miles with all the hills.
It felt way better than Monday but still not easy, that's for sure!

Maybe some spin tonight... maybe not ;).
Time will tell.

Monday, September 26, 2011

Coming back and moving on...

I got back up to about 30 total miles last week.
Not sure if that is a good thing or not, but it feels good to me!

10 miles on Saturday and 6.2 miles today!

Strangely, the 10 felt WAY easier than the 6 this morning.
 Some days are just hard, I tell ya.

We tried to slow the pace down- especially since this 6.2 mile route
is super hilly... but we still end up doing it too fast :).

Let's just say I was ready to go back to bed when we were done.
Dang school and kids thinking they want to be clean and on time! 

I had big plans to also go do a spin class this evening.
We'll just see what happens with that. 

Moving on...
My 3 year old has started wearing clothing other than his bathing suit!
I would say 'hooray!', but the clothes he has moved on to 
are not exactly what I had in mind.

the sweater vest:
He has about 4 of these that are for church.
The boy loves them.
I say "Go change- that is not a shirt!" 
He comes down with a different sweater vest on. 
So I say "Boy, what are you wearing??"
and Boy says...
"My sweatah vest!!" 

That picture is not too bad, really.
Yesterday he had it on backwards...

with his swim suit.


**EDITED for a late edition picture**

My adorable little weirdo was kind enough to 
re-create the outfit from yesterday for y'all.
This time with a little inside-out action.
Good gracious. 

Friday, September 23, 2011

Fooling myself...

Hmm- I didn't post yesterday.
I feel like I wrote a whole blog post... but I must have done it in my head.
That could possibly mean I am crazy.
Not surprising.

Yesterday's workout:
4.3 miles in the early morning hours.
1 hour BodyPump class at the gym.

Then comes today.
I stayed up way too late last night so I didn't get up early to run.

That's okay, though...
because I just went to the gym instead.

Look who I found there:
The husband!

Oh wait- he drove me there.

We hadn't been to the gym together in a while.
It was fun.
Not that we did any working out together.
He did weights and elliptical while I ran and people watched over the balcony:
There are not nearly enough people to watch in the morning at the gym.
The after 5pm crowd is much more entertaining.

Still- 6.7 miles.

I told myself I would do 3 miles, so I wouldn't freak my mind out.
It works for me, alright?

It was one of the good kind of days- where I felt like I could keep going.
Unlike last Monday at the gym- where 3 miles almost made me die.

I didn't keep going, though... because the husband had to leave-
to go to the dentist.
Yes, he took a whole day off for a 30 minute dentist appointment.
That's how we roll.

Also- yes, that is an 11 year old Quicksilver shirt he is wearing. 
From before we got married.

Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Cough, cough...

The husband gave me a cough.
Gave it to pretty much everyone in the house

Wasn't that nice of him?

Luckily, it is just a cough- I don't feel sick other than that.
It's only when I lay down, which makes sleeping more challenging.
Last night I gave in at almost 3am and took the cough syrup.

That meant that there was no way I was going to get my body up
to run a bunch of miles at 5am.

Instead of slept off the meds until 7:30am...
and then went to the gym after dropping the oldest 3 at school.

6.5 miles done on a treadmill.
It felt like it took a long time.
Hopefully tonight is better and I can get up for the run outside in the morning.
6 miles outside with other people is much more enjoyable
than 6 miles inside on the treadmill at the gym.

Since the husband decided to share his cough with me-
I will share this awesome picture...
The husband and our firstborn- teaching me how to Dougie:
There are no words.

Except that I'm pretty sure they ain't doing this right.
I'm sure Justin Bieber and the Jersey Shore boys would agree.

Tuesday, September 20, 2011

If only I were smarter...

Last night... 
somewhere in my brain, I thought it would me a good idea
to go out to dinner with my family and THEN go to the gym.

The dance studio my girls go to was having kind of a fund raising night.
A certain restaurant would donate 15% of what we spent to the studio.
We couldn't pass up a meal out- so we were there.

The husband was all:
"are you sure you want to go to the gym right after eating out?"
 Then I am all "psshh, of course- why not?"

So I go, I eat.
Chips and salsa, a big unhealthy salad.
(note: I don't eat healthy when we go out- with 5 kids, we don't go out much...
 so I eat what I want when we do.)

Then I say adios to the husband and kiddos and head to the gym.

I ran 3.15 miles on the treadmill.
At about mile .6, I felt like I was gonna upchuck something awful.
I was getting side aches... and I haven't gotten those in a long time.

The rest of the miles consisted of me giving my body many, many pep talks.

"You can make it to 6:15 without puking"  
"Just go for 3 more minutes"
"One more half mile and you can do the vomit sprint to the bathroom"
"5 more minutes and maybe I won't make you do the spin class, too"

It worked- I talked my body into those 3.15 miles.
No already eaten food was expelled.

Then I DID the hour long spin class.
It sucked- big time.

The whole experience was terrible.

Lesson learned- you should NOT eat right before exercising.
At least not a big meal at a restaurant.

What?  You say everyone already knows this?
I suppose.

The husband was right?
Perhaps- but I'm not ready to make THAT declaration yet. 

Monday, September 19, 2011

Where am I...

Wow- nothing since Thursday.

Not really nothing- stuff has been done.
No blogging has happened.

The husband was out of town last week.
Then he came home and had things happening all Saturday.

We got to do soccer games.
By 'we', I mean me and all these little people that call me mom.

I love soccer season.
It also makes for a busy 8 weeks.
I didn't get my usual Monday morning run or BodyPump in.
We had 3 additional kids staying over, one being a baby.
The husband doesn't do great with other peoples kids.
(Strange? Yes.  He's great with our kids) 
So I stuck around (slept past 5am) to make sure nothing catastrophic happened.

Spin class and a few treadmill miles tonight...
is the plan. 

Thursday, September 15, 2011

Deep cleaning and more ramblings...

We made it to the gym for the BodyPump class after dropping off the 3 oldest at school.

I have only done this class early Monday mornings before today.
There is a different instructor on Thursday

It's strange how the same class with basically the exact same exercises
can seem so different just because there is a different instructor.
It threw me off a little.
Her form was different than the other chick that I'm used to.
Now I don't know who is doing it right.
 I just know that it very likely isn't me.

Turns out none of this matters or is interesting.
It's just what I was thinking when I started typing ;). 

I had to leave the class right as the cool down started because of
The Joy of Children...
meaning a call from the school that one of my kids needed me to bring them something.
I was going to run a couple of miles after class, but I gave into the kid. 

Then we went home and I started on the list I made last night.
My 'the kids are back in school, time to deep clean' list.
(I clean when the husband is out of town- it's weird) 

Doing BodyPump and cleaning the house don't go together.
For MY body.
My neck and butt hurt. 

I did cross off at least 5 things on my list of 19 things to clean.
 Ignore my terrible handwriting.

This list makes it seems like my house must be a filthy hole.
Ha!  You'll never know.

At least you know it's 5 crossed out things closer to not disgusting...

Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Sometimes I ramble...

Yes, I  have 5 kids.
On purpose- all planned.
I love them and am glad we had 5 kids.
 I don't think it is crazy.

My gym doesn't completely agree.
They have a limit on the amount of kids you can have.

Okay, not the amount of kids I'm allowed to HAVE...
just the amount of kids we can bring into the gym kids club.
They allow 4 children.
So I guess I am supposed to leave one to fend for himself at home.
(Our oldest is almost 9- I don't leave him home alone yet).

I will spare you all the details-
but we eventually worked something out with them so we could bring them all.

I still didn't like going in there... the Kids Club, that is.
It's not that I don't LOVE when people act like I am putting them
out when I expect them to do their job.
Okay, it is that I don't love it.

Now that I only have 2 at home in the mornings, I figured it was time.
Especially since I am a single mother this week while the husband is GONE.

Time to give the Kids Club another chance.
(Only after I made the husband check with them before he left
 to make sure that they wouldn't give me any trouble...
since the kids club thing is under his name.
Yeah, I'm that wife.) 

You know what?
It was fine.
They were very nice.
No problems.

Maybe- just maybe- I shouldn't let my fear of interacting with grumpy people
keep me from doing things I want to do ;). 
Anyhow- I went, I treadmill-ed.
 I people-watched over the balcony while listening to my iPod
and watching me some The Price is Right
It was good, good. 
 4.5 miles on Treadmill
30 minutes Elliptical  

I'm going to hit up the gym again tomorrow morning for BodyPump.
 I think I am going to like this.  

Tuesday, September 13, 2011


Look at me- I'm growing.

My 'slow and steady training plan' called for a 3 mile run this morning.
I managed to just do 4.6 miles!

I was running the same 6.2 loop(s) that I did yesterday with
the neighborhood girls.  
and somehow stuck with my plan of cutting out early.

I know I need to chill out and not add too much weekly mileage too quickly.
With everything (the injury) feeling so good...
it's hard to stop :).

But I did.
Go me


Also, who wants to see a gross looking picture of my new favorite snack?
 Don't answer that- I'm showing you anyway...
because this is my blog and I CAN!  
Nothing fancy.
Just toasted whole wheat Bagel Thins...
with Hummus.
Yes, my hummus to bagel ratio is about 3:1.
As it should be. 
I used to really not like hummus.
It has grown on me.
Now I want to eat it out of the container with a spoon. 

I could eat this about 6 times a day.
But I don't.
Only 5 times.  

Monday, September 12, 2011

Oh, how I missed you...

I'm glad my friend, running, is back with me.
So much so that it's a little challenging to stick with the slow and steady plan. 
Must try harder. 

I have only been running for just over a year-
but it became such a part of life.
It's weird when something you used to do everyday isn't there anymore.
(wow, I'm super cheesy.) 

Now it's BACK and it makes me happy.

This morning I ran 6.2 hilly miles...
with a girl who just ran 20 hard miles two days ago.
I was the one whose breathing would have led anyone to believe
that I was moments away from a very premature heart-attack.

I'm still alive, in case you were wondering.

I'm sure reading about my excitement over running again is getting very old.

How about a picture of a Pirate Family to mix things up:
Well, yes- we are the coolest family ever.

Planning on doing a spin class tonight, too.
Happy, happy Monday.

Saturday, September 10, 2011

Going longish...

This morning I got up at 4:45am.
On a Saturday.
To run, of course :)

I started the run with some crazy ladies who were heading out for a fun 20 miler.
By crazy, I obviously mean crazy awesome.

My slow and steady plan had me doing 8 miles today.
I kinda felt like a big wimp ;).

So I ran with them for the first 4.5 miles.
Mostly all downhill.
Then I said see ya and turned myself around and headed back.
Up all the hills we had just ran down.
SO much fun.

Not complaining, really.
The crazy 20 mile runner ladies had to run all those big hills, too...
at the back end of those 20 miles.
Those are some tough girls

9.5 miles done, no pain.
The last half was so slow- but so good to be out there. 

I was done nice and early-
then went and unloaded fruits and vegetables at my
Bountiful Basket pick-up site.
After a few boxes, I was mildly regretting that 9 mile run.
It was more of a workout than I anticipated.

Now my Saturday workout(s) are done...
and I can sit on my butt the rest of the day.
At soccer games.

Friday, September 9, 2011

Poisonous things in my garage...

We'll just not talk about yesterday's workout that wasn't.
There was volleyball- but it didn't last long and I hardly moved ;).

There WAS this:
A salad concoction built for two.
That I ate all by myself.
Yum and healthy.
Go me!

Oh yeah- and THIS HAPPENED:
Yeah- that's a full on Black Widow spider.
About to chow down on a grasshopper.
In my garage.
(enlarge the picture- total red hourglass)   
(please don't judge this tiny glimpse of my filthy garage).

 I was not impressed.
I don't love spiders.
Especially poisonous ones in my garage.

So I had to squish a big ol' spider AND a giant twitching/dead grasshopper.
The aftermath was NOT pretty.
I will spare you that picture

On a more pleasant topic-

5.25 miles ran this morning!
The breathing is getting a little easier.

Love that I can run again.
Still no pain, so yay!

Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Another one down and another one down...

We could also call this one:
Wow, what a day Wednesday.

Child #3 started Kindergarten!
I'm pretty sure I will get all weepy every time I send a new one to big kid school.
She was so ready and wasn't scared at all.
She waved, blew me a kiss and was gone...
well, for the whole 2.5 hours she is at school.

Then we went home to get #4 child off to school- preschool, that is.
She has a bus that comes to get her.
I love that.

Then it was just me and this one:
who is clearly not ready to dress himself.

But it was just the two of us for 20 minutes
when we had to go back for the Kindergarten girl.

Preschooler came home after that.
Then back to the school to pick up the older two.
Then to dance class for #3 girl & #4 girl.
Then to soccer practice for #1 son.
Then a soccer GAME for #2 girl. 
That's a lot of thens.
Wednesdays are gonna suck for a while. 

Luckily the husband got to come home for 2 hours.
Which meant that I made it to my spin class
while he dealt with the last half of soccer practice
and the first half of the soccer game. 

Then he had to go back to work.
(working a double to head up some sort of training- he doesn't usually work all the live long day.)

Kids are now all sleeping soundly. 

I am showered, fed and hardly moving on my bed.
I like my bed.
It loves me, too. 

Today's workout:

--Ran one whole huge mile.
--One hour spin class.

I was the sweatiest I have EVER been after spinning.
I was literally completely soaked.
It was terribly gross and wonderful. 

Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Slowest marathon training plan ever...

I have officially started into my Goofy Challenge marathon training.

Which meant that I ran a whole 3 miles this morning.
3.25 miles, even.
I already mentioned this previously- but my lungs are still trying to adjust
to this running outside again thing.

My legs feel like they could keep on going, but my lungs are feeling the burn. 
 I guess it will just take some time to get them acclimated again.
 All these hills in my neighborhood will be a fun way to get that done. 

I'm not sure this marathon plan will get me prepared
to run a half marathon on one day- and then a full marathon...
the very next day.
I don't really have a choice, though :).
This is how it has to be.
Slow and steady.

All will be well- so I shall tell myself.
I'm really good at convincing myself that everything will be fine ;).
What can I say... 
I'm usually right.
Except when I'm not.  

Also... boy face!

Saturday, September 3, 2011

Look at me, I'm running...


I ran.
A whole 5.5 miles!

It felt so very good.
I have missed running outside.
It made me happy.

My breathing felt off for a few miles, but the legs felt great!
I'm glad I did all the spinning, etc while the running was banned.
I think it helped keep my fitness level up.
I felt like I could have done more.

I didn't, though.
I'm a good girl.
I pretend to listen to my doctor.
I threw in a few walk breaks, as recommended.

I am really trying to focus on building up slowly.
I know that's what I need to do.

It's not in my nature- clearly.
I'm trying :). 

Thursday, September 1, 2011

Good news day...

Today my entire workout will be volleyball.
That's it, y'all.
Deal with it. 

Mr. Sports Medicine Doctor says I can run again!
Kind of... not exactly.

He gave me a list of "steps" to build myself back up.
The first step says "Walk 1 mile".
I laughed out loud. 
I guess I'm a little ahead of myself ;).

He said I can skip the first couple of steps- phew.
According to this plan, I am going to be doing a lot of walk/jogging
for the next 2 weeks... supposably.
(Did they go to the zoo?)

 I THINK I will just ease a little more slow jogging into my schedule.
I've already been doing that, so I'll stick with it.
Slow and steady.
I should be able to start into my marathon training plan in the next few weeks! 

Also, Dr. man told me I have a strong butt.