Monday, October 31, 2011


**Wow, this didn't show up on my bloglist until the day AFTER Halloween- nice. 

Nothing workout related to report!
My right calf is feeling off since the Halloween half on Saturday...
so I decided to take today off.

Happy Halloween!

I hope it is safe and chocolate-filled! 

Saturday, October 29, 2011

Halloween Half and my sore abs...

The Halloween Half is done!
Don't be scared by this picture.
Even though I look like a crazed killer bee... 
 What can I say- the finish line was in sight!

YAY for my first race since July and the stress fracture!!

I liked the race course- mostly.
It was a lot of downhill for the first 5 miles.
I actually found that part harder.
Strangely enough, it messed with my stomach muscles.
I think I was tensed up because I was trying to make sure I didn't go to fast.
So... making sure my legs didn't get too tired made my abs tired

After those first 5 miles I was able to even out my pace and I felt good.
The canyon was beautiful.
No real struggle to keep the pace, either.
I was able to beat my previous half time by a little over 4 minutes...
but those first 5 miles were very downhill, so that helped!

Time:  1:41:04

I was just glad that I got to run this race and finish with no pain.
Well, besides my ab muscles :). 
I feel like I could have pushed harder, which gives me something to work on.
(If I ever decided to give speed work a chance.) 

The husband brought all the kids down to see me finish.
They were excited because we said they could wear their costumes, too! 
I know it's not fun for him to bring all 5 kids to a finish line by himself,
but I do love seeing them at the end.
It gives me an extra little burst of energy :). 
I really like the medal for this race- very cool. 

We then went to lunch, where baby boy came down with a fever...
and then threw up in the car.
Happy day!

Even though the course is very pretty, I'm not sure if I will ever do it again.
I didn't love the super downhill at the beginning. 
I really like flat or gradual downhill best. 
It also seemed a little disorganized to me.
For example: 
the bags that we dropped in the truck at the beginning were all
just tossed onto the ground at the end.
Not organized at all.  
You just had to search out your own bag among the other 3,300+ bags. 

Either way, I'm glad I did it and I'm glad it's done! 

Thursday, October 27, 2011

Taking a turn...

The weather is taking a turn, that is.
A turn down to the much colder morning temps.

I always check the app on my phone
in the morning before I head out for my run.
I like to be prepared for what I'm heading out into.

This morning my phone had THIS glaring back at me...

28 degrees
feels like 23 degrees

  Yeah, it was cold.
Brrr freezing.
Plus, we are awesome and forgot to turn off our sprinklers.
Our sidewalks were nice and icy.
Creating an extra challenge for all who need to walk by our house.
We are helpful like that.
I know it's just going to get colder as the weeks go by.
Hopefully it will be gradual!

Thursday Workout:
 6.2 miles
in the freakin cold. 

Provo Halloween Half on Saturday!
So excited to finally get to do another race.
It's been TOO long. 

Wednesday, October 26, 2011

I'm probably not cool enough for Wordless Wednesday...

So it shall be kind of maybe ALMOST Wordless Wednesday!

Wednesday's Workout:
6.2 miles
Maybe a spin class if I feel like it this evening.
Maybe not- 5/7ths of our household is sick.
Luckily not me this time.

Silly swimmers, before the sickness overtook them all... 

Monday, October 24, 2011

Down the mountain...

Monday's workout:
6.2 miles - at NIGHT.
I can't remember the last time I ran at night.
It was great, though.
7:59 pace.
I'll TAKE IT! 

Well, we are back from a lovely weekend away!
Note:  All pictures taken with my cell phone camera.
Somebody forgot to charge the camera battery.
Oh wait- that was me.

The mountain running plan was completely derailed.
Turns out the place we stayed was up a mile + long gravel hill...
at a lofty 9000  foot elevation.
 I was not interested in breaking myself trying to run down a steep gravel hill. 

We did a lot of swimming and watching movies instead.
It was great.
We did manage to do some exploring of the beautiful scenery...
See?  Nature.

Okay, the husband says that this isn't nature.
Apparently random old cranes don't occur naturally in the wilderness.
Live and learn.

Me and some kids that kept following us around... 
 Poor oldest child boy- he got sick and lost all desire to
deal with his pain in the butt mother.
Thus, no pictures of that boy enjoying nature. 

I guess the husband got a little sick of me, too...
behold him trying to escape down the road less traveled:
Eventually he returned. 

It was a great trip and we had so much fun.
I am so happy to sleep in my own bed tonight. 

Thursday, October 20, 2011

We're outta here...

Workout for Thursday:

6.2 miles

 Pretty much all of Utah is out of school for a couple of days.
It's called something- but I can't remember.
I just call it Fall Break. 

Who cares what it's called- it means no school!

We are heading out of here for a couple of days.
Somewhere up north near this place:
and other fabulous forms of Fall scenery.

Excited for some good family fun and relaxing!
I've also got my running gear all packed...
ready for some beautiful fall morning mountain running.

Happy Weekend! 

Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Before I kick the bucket...

Today's workout:
6.2 miles in the early morning dark!
8:25 pace. 
It felt hard for some reason- but it got done. 

Moving on to THIS: 
This is my entry in the Just Ask Bucket List Getaway Giveaway. Just Ask offers a breast and ovarian cancer screening and is encouraging people to share 15 things that I want to enjoy in my lifetime as a reminder to be aware of my health. Want to enter? Head over to to get the details.

So here is my bucket list! 
Well, it actually turns out that I didn't have a bucket list before...
so here is what I came up with this morning!

1.  To not owe any money to anyone or anything.
2.  Finish school.
3.  Learn to speak Spanish.
4.  Qualify for the Boston Marathon.
5.  Run the Boston Marathon. 
6.  Run the Hood to Coast Relay (with Lisa).
7.  Go on a good, long getaway with just the husband.
8.  Take my kids to as many historic sites across the U.S. as possible (just like my parents did!  Thanks, parents!).
9.  Run the NYC Marathon.
10.  Run a half or full marathon with the husband (he's gonna LOVE this one).  
11.  Go to China.
12.  Learn to play the piano.
13.  Learn photography.
14.  Read all the books on THIS LIST.
15.  Move back to Oregon (not until my kids are grown, probably).

One more: 
16.  All of my children finishing college. 

Yes, a lot of these are running related.
That's okay, right?
I actually have a Races I Want To Do bucket list...
it just keeps on getting longer.
I will share it sometime.
This was fun!
Don't do it, though ;).
I want to win! 

Monday, October 17, 2011

Think it through, buddy...

Since I didn't get my long run done on Saturday,
I made plans in my head to do it Monday (that's today).

Less than 2 weeks until the Halloween Half
and the furthest I have ran since September is 7.5 miles.
The furthest I have ran since JULY is 10 MILES.
So I wanted to get in a good 10-13 miles before the race.
Yes, I gave myself a large range- it's better for me :).

The plan sounded great until the time arrived.
That time being 4:05 am.

I ran 4 miles alone, all alone.
Then 6 miles with the running girls.
Then 3.2 miles on my own again.

13.2 miles total 
I even tried to run it slowly.
Go me!
Those neighborhood ladies are too fast, though :).

Turns out that I'm a big wimp.
I can still remember back in June when 13 miles seemed short.
Oh, how the times have changed.
It really wasn't too bad.
It didn't feel too hard, but I was glad when it was over!
NOW, however- a different story.
I feel like a very tired death... but in a good "I just ran 13 miles" sort of way
It doesn't help that a monthly friend came to visit at 2am.
Not cool. 
Yes, sometimes I share too much. 

Now I think I will lay in my bed all day doing nothing.

It's not Saturday? 
It's Monday?
It's not just me here?
My kids need to go to school?
There's a bunch of stuff that I have to do?

This is why we do long runs on weekends, dang it.
The best laid plans...

I do have a power nap scheduled from 2-2:30.
It should be great.
Yes, I know lots of people get up and run lots of miles...
and then go to work all day.
What can I say?
I'm a complainer :). 

Saturday, October 15, 2011

Derailed and manly musk...

Let's just not even talk about how all my running plans got derailed.
Yesterday and today.
It involved lots of volleyball and a husband who has to be gone all Saturday long.

So, not much to report.

Except that I bought some new deodorant.
I tend to sweat a lot, so I use the clinical strength Secret or Dove.

I thought, hey that sounds good!
(Does it really, though?  I know I've never FELT marathon fresh.) 
Hopefully it smells ok, because they had it well sealed. 

It smells like a man.

Now I keep looking behind me to see if some dude is following me.
But it's just me.
Me and my manly musk scent.

Darn you Secret.

Thursday, October 13, 2011

It was bound to happen eventually...

I'm getting back into a groove, I think.

Woke up at 4:45 am to run for the 3rd time this week.

It sucks less the more you do it.
So, after a few more weeks maybe it will start to feel good ;).
Kidding, kidding.
It will NEVER feel good at 4:45 am.
But it feels good once I get going and have my run done before 7am!

 Today's workout:

5 miles
1 hour BodyPump

Plus, I have super great plans to clean out my car today. 
Then there is some fun volleyball tonight.
Lots of good calorie burning going on today.   

In "My Life as a Mom" stories...
Today my 3 year old did something that we had managed to
 avoid happening with any of the previous 4 children.

He stuck this bead up his nose:

Oh yes, he did.
Right up there...
We both panicked for a minute because, as I said,
we have never had any object in the nose incidents up until today.
I called the husband all freaked out...
and of course he doesn't answer.

I tried to get him to blow it out, where I quickly learned that he doesn't
know how to blow air out of his nose- he just SNIFFS.
That's not helpful when trying to get something OUT of the nostril.

Finally I chilled out.
Then I got one of those plastic covered paper clips (in above picture),
straightened it and pulled that little sucker out of there.

Good times. 

Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Really, 3 whole minutes?

Some good, fun early morning running again.

6.5 miles got did.

Another little pit stop halfway through, but happy that I went back and finished.
I need to start getting up 5 minutes earlier to avoid such pit stops ;).
(to, ya know... work things out.. hmm- TMI?) 

Now I would like to discuss something else.

Yesterday I was reading an article in Runner's World.

It said THIS:
 Well, I am not questioning the slower long runs.
That seems to be widely accepted.

But 3 MINUTES per mile slower than race pace?
That's the most I have ever heard of and seems excessively slow to me.
(I DO try to run my long runs at a slower pace- work in progress.) 

How much slower do y'all do your long runs?
 Should I be doing mine 3 minutes slower?
Can you tell that I am still new to running? 

Monday, October 10, 2011

Running and it feels so good...

So I totally got up at 4:50 in the morning to run!
Oh yes, I did.

I haven't ran in over a week in an attempt to rid myself of the sickness.
It was time. 

I was able to run 3.4 miles with the girls before I had to make a pit stop at home.
I found them 'after' and did another mile.
Then I felt so good that I did another 3 miles!

7.2 miles done!

It just felt right.
 I did have to suck on cough drops the whole time, but still worth it.

I'm thinking this means that I can get back on track with the training.

Of course, last time I ran it was 60 degrees outside at 5:10am.

This morning it was not even 40 degrees.
No gradual temperature changes here in Utah.
So much fun.

Now for a random picture from my phone!
My kids have progressed in their photography skills.
They are now using the photo effects:

I have high hopes for them.  

Friday, October 7, 2011

Return to fall and running plus a gross story...

The snow stopped...
and it looks like we might get up to 70 degrees next week!
So yesterday's random snowfall will hopefully not occur again for a while.

I also feel a whole lot better.
I was even able to fall asleep before midnight last night w/ minimal coughing! 

I'm excited to hopefully get a run in tomorrow morning.
It's been a lazy week of taking it easy to try and get rid of this bronchitis.
I feel VERY unproductive all around.

Fun/disgusting story time!!!

With this bronchitis/cold has come a lot of coughing and hacking up of stuff.
By stuff I mean the gross crap that took up residence in my lungs.
I try to do my intense hacking in the bathroom...
where I have appropriate places to get rid of the "gross crap".

Well, the husband has had a cough, too.
Apparently he isn't as selective on where he hacks and spits.

My 3 year old was in the bathroom with me the other day
and saw me spit some stuff into a tissue.

Here is what he said to me:
"Daddy spit, too.
Daddy like to spit.
Daddy spit on the ground.
Daddy spit out the window.
Daddy spit in the toiwet.
Daddy spit in the twash.
Daddy spit in the gwass..."

and so on. 

Daddy needs to stop being so disgusting.

Thursday, October 6, 2011

Flip the switch...

Today was the day.
The day I had to flip the switch on our thermostat from
Cool to Heat.

I probably should have done it yesterday, but I forgot.
Then I woke up this morning and it was 60 degrees in our house.
Which is cold for INSIDE a house... in the opinion of my frozen feet.

So yeah- it was around 80 degrees this past Sunday.

Today we got THIS:
That is snow.
The first week of October.
Not cool, Mother Nature.

The kids thought it was cool...
for about 2 seconds.
Then they started complaining about how cold they were.

Please come back, Fall.
2 days was REALLY not long enough to really enjoy you.

On the running/exercise front-
NOTHING to report.
I had big plans for the antibiotics to cure me immediately.
Turns out that is not how they work.
Sad, I know.
I am starting to feel better, though.
I anticipate a return to running hopefully on Saturday.
If not, then Monday for sure! 

Tuesday, October 4, 2011

This seems familiar...

So, for the 3rd time this year, I have bronchitis.
Good times- but at least I have me some antibiotics now.

The doctor guy thinks that I may have a mild case of asthma,
which apparently, mixed with running/exercise,
could be causing the bronchitis issues. 
He gave me the option of pursuing it now or waiting to see if it happens again.
So I am waiting and we'll go from there if it does.

Great story, I know.
No running until Friday, at the soonest.

Makes for some fab content for a running blog :).

But!  I have 5 kids and the husband...
so there's always SOMETHING to blog about! 
Today my firstborn child...
the beginning of the crazy 5.

He turned 9!
With his b-day present!
He finally got to graduate from the bike he has had since he was 3.
We are right on top of stuff.

I feel very lucky to have this boy.
He is polite, smart, helpful and kind.
I really couldn't ask for better.

Happy Birthday, dude! 

Monday, October 3, 2011

I gotta race...

I really loved watching people get to the finish line of the St. George marathon.
There's nothing quite like the joy of seeing the finish line after 26.2!

It made me really, REALLY want to do another race.
Geez, this running thing is addicting!

So I signed up for another race.
Because that's what race addicts do, you see.

Who's with me??
It will be totally rad.

You can see me run in a costume.

Oh yes, I am going to wear a costume.

It's Halloween for goodness sakes. 

I am so excited!

(Now if the doctor can just get this cough to go away.
My whole workout schedule is being thrown off by this horrible phlegm filled hacking.
Descriptive enough for ya? )

Saturday, October 1, 2011

There and back again...

Just got back from St. George-
where I did NOT run a marathon.

Some friends did and I got to go and cheer them on!
One doing her 1st marathon, one doing her 10th.
They did absolutely fabulous- and it was HOT for a good portion of the race. 
I got a tiny bit sad (but not really) that I wasn't running,
but watching others finish a marathon really is so much fun.
I get all emotional seeing people get to the finish line after 26.2 miles.  
Thanks to Jessica for hanging with me :).
(and thanks for not running so I didn't have to worry about you the whole time while feeling guilty for letting you run!)

It was as fun trip- but I'm glad to be home.
The house was all clean when I got here, too.
Plus, the husband cleaned out and cleaned up the garage.
It looks SO good and he is pretty proud of his hard work.
Both good things.